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  1. That particular vendor appears to no longer be on Amazon. Here is another which looks identical to the one I bought. Hope this helps: Here Cheers, -Peter
  2. Ditto - no problem at all, I use the left eye exclusively, no issues. Cheers, -Peter
  3. Thanks for posting Jono, both video and stills are excellent as always. Cheers, -Peter
  4. USB 3.1 Gen 1 = USB 3.0 - and I agree somehow USB-C PD power banks work better with the SL2, even though the SL2 is not a PD device. It's a bit of a mystery... Cheers, -Peter
  5. Someone on the German forum suggested you have to have the FOTOS connection up for at least 10min before GPS data was provided. Personally I have also not been able to get it to work. FOTOS just needs more work. Cheers, -Peter
  6. Yes - you can stream FHD (1920x1080) from the SL2. I've used this $20 HDMI-USB converter (link below), works like a charm providing FHD@30fps, even though it's only USB 2.0. It converts the UHD HDMI signal from the SL2 and you can use it to stream from your Mac (or PC I'm sure - not tested). Here Cheers, -Peter
  7. I use M lenses as well, agree they are wonderful to focus on the SL2. Thanks for sharing. I should probably have said "the YouTubers" -- agree real pros use gear in a different league. Cheers, -Peter
  8. Hmm - stranges. I notice FX Lion is only PD2.0, PD3.0 allows additional communication between source and load, I think. Not sure if that is important, the SL2 manual does not specify which is required. Wish Leica would be more clear on this. Cheers, -Peter
  9. Thanks - I do care about the paint 😁 - but good to know. I do have the RRS plate, which I agree is very nice. I'm certainly almost exclusively a still shooter, but I'm just getting started on Video, need to make some for my wife's business, so I'm learning as I go. 😅 What is the lens in your pictures - a Leica Cine? How does the follow-focus work for you? I agree the SL2 is underrated for video, there is almost no information out there, and only a few threads here on the forum. Maybe traditional videographers think it's too expensive a camera. Cheers, -Peter
  10. Thanks - I don't think it's your camera, see the post above from Scott (Feb 13th). Your LockCircle cage is very nice, I'm tempted to pull the trigger - any problems/issues with it? Cheers, -Peter
  11. Thanks for posting those Mdol - very impressive rig. I'm curious, which V-mount battery are you using? Can you run the SL2 from it (as opposed to just charge the battery)? It was my understanding that in order to run the camera you need USB-C PD (Power delivery). I'm not aware of any V-mount batteries that does that, but could be wrong. Thanks again and cheers, -Peter
  12. Sounds cool - could you show us a picture of your setup? Thanks. Cheers, -Peter
  13. I don't believe you have any control over the WIFI from the SL2, it is only possible to start it via the FOTO app when it is connecting to the camera. It is tightly integrated with the app, and you do not have access to start/stop the WIFI from the camera menu. I agree it is not ideal at all... Cheers, -Peter
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