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  1. I’m thinking of doing something similar. I have a Sony A7 which works perfectly well as a digital back for my OM lenses, but to be honest I don’t really enjoy using it so it tends to stay at home. I don’t need the SL2 level of resolution (or cost) and I’m not concerned about image stabilisation, so am thinking about a used SL, as Gary suggested above. Probably won’t use it for M lenses as I have a M10 and a Monochrom 246 which are my favourite cameras. My only reservation is the increased weight. Best of luck with your decision Graham
  2. I haven’t got my E43 per-aspheric summilux here as it is away with Alan Starkie being serviced but I do have the hood. I don’t have anything more accurate than a ruler with which to measure it, but the internal diameter indeed looks like 45mm. Graham
  3. I have the same lens and several adaptors. With my M2 any adaptor works. The only time I have found an issue is when using either 6 bit coding or selecting the lens manually with my M10. If you select the WATE 16mm option you need a 28/90 adaptor; if you use a different adaptor the camera won’t recognise the lens and apply any corrections. In addition if you then try to use live view the camera will say no lens attached and not allow live view unless you turn lens coding off. Farnz’s point about the less cluttered viewfinder is valid but remember the lens field of view is much wider
  4. I've not actually developed my first film yet, but a week ago I bought everything I need from Jacobs in Leeds for just over £100 - changing bag, tank, second reel, measuring cylinders and chemicals. They didn't have it all in stock, but it took them 3 days to get it in. When I ordered it the store manager said that they had been surprised by the level of demand for darkroom stuff....
  5. Not leica-related, but this site: Digital IR Choices - Khromagery has quite a bit of useful information on processing for IR images, together with advice about which filters to choose. (They used to convert cameras for IR and I have a Canon EOS300D that they converted for me 3 or 4 years ago). Graham
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