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  1. Here is a great article explaining how sensor size affects DOF, the circle of confusion, and hyper focal distance. https://pixelsandwanderlust.com/hyperfocal-distance-explained/ That link contains a calculator so you can compare the SL with a 75 to a CL with a 50 and decide what best suits your needs.
  2. Just last week, I saw a YouTube video where that question was raised. They compared the same image using crop sensors, full frame, and medium format, all shooting the same equivalent lenses. There was a significant perception difference. Most notably when comparing the crop sensor to the medium format sensor. The subject's shoulder width appeared quite different, very narrow in the crop sensor image. There were significant differences in the backgrounds as well.
  3. I used the Vario APO Elmarit f2.8 70-180 the next day (Saturday) shooting the same area, the weather was very similar, but the subjects obviously were different. I compared out of camera images and the R lens was noticeably and obviously the winner. This lens is easily my favorite lens even though it quite a workout carrying it all day. (I consider the workout just another benefit of the lens. ). I initially considered doing a side by side comparison using a tripod but after Saturday's experience I don't see it as necessary. The colors, contrast, detail, IQ and generally pleasing result
  4. Though I have R lenses that cover the same range, I was interested in being able to use AF and wanted to see if the IQ was good enough and is the AF worth the expense. First thing I noticed is that AF drains my battery a lot faster than I would have guessed. I started with a half charged battery and after under 200 images, I was getting a low battery warning. I realize that zooming close then zooming far repeatedly is going to require a lot of focus motor movement, but I didn't expect it to drain the battery that fast. Going on that same outing with R lenses would have not been an issue and I
  5. There is no reason a machinist with a mini lathe can not make you a nice brass button to thread on in place of the Leica button. Since you have another adapter, take both with you and be prepared to pay a 1 or 2 hour labor fee ($100 to $250 depending on where you live). Or call a community college and inquire about their 3d printing skills and equipment. For a few dollars donation, a professor will make it a class project.
  6. It appears that Leica has taken a page from the Apple service manual. Why sell a $1.50 screw when you can manipulate the consumer into spending $1400 for a new widget? Apple pulled this stunt on me when I had a keyboard problem on a MacBookPro. Apparently, according to others on the internet, this is common practice due to their death grip on parts and repair manuals. My incident involved them offering me a "repair" that literally exceeded my initial purchase price 13 months prior. I used Louis Rossmann's company* and he repaired it for $600 including shipping. *Rossmann
  7. My choice is as clear as mud to me right now...... What do you think the clear choice is? S camera with R lenses? Fuji with R lenses? S camera with S lens?
  8. Which Pan 70-200 did you have? The Pro f4.0 or Pro f2.8 What did you replace it with? Why did you sell it/them?
  9. From what I've seen thus far, the Fuji with Fuji lenses produces fine detail but not the depth or pop that the Leica lenses give. I like images from the Fuji with Otus lenses better than images with Fuji's own lenses. I've seen a few images from the Fuji with R lenses and they are better IMO than the images from the Otus or Fuji lenses. Just trying to decide if I will be satisfied with the results of using R lenses and other non native lenses on the Fuji or if I will wish I had bought the S or S3. As I mentioned, the small loss of sensor area won't matter. What did the S3 do better than t
  10. That begs the question Did you ever do a comparison of the two TCs? Is one superior to the other optically?
  11. As the title states, I am considering taking the plunge into MF. Background, I have a substantial collection of R lenses that adapt very well to my SL. Not a pro, just an enthusiast who can afford nice stuff..... I have seen quite a few images taken by the GFX 100s with R lenses, the minor amount of cropping doesn't deter me from adapting my R lenses to MF use. The cost of the Fuji is quite a bit lower and the images are very detailed, but is it as good as an S3? or how close is it? This will be a buy once cry once deal, so I am willing to pay more if I get the perceiv
  12. I don't have the Sigma 100-400 and have no plans to buy/try one since I was not happy with their 85mm DG DN Art. If someone near Phoenix Az has one and would like to compare lens, I am willing to meet them.
  13. Bottom is the Sigma. The car hoods show the blueish hue. Not quite as sharp in several areas.
  14. Are you referring to post #3? There is a huge loss of clarity in the Sigma image. Look at the stucco on the right, the Mamiya has much more detail. Looking at the top right, in the Mamiya image you can see the screen mesh above the chimney the Sigma doesn't show it. Top left, looking at the leaves in the trees, the Sigma again has no detail, just a blur. look at the windows, the Sigma is blue.....ish
  15. My experience exactly. The YouTubers never show un-retouched or unedited shots. So the colors in the video are not true "out of camera" renderings. BUT, the target market for those lenses is not the true Leica enthusiast. Their target market buy Leica cameras but would rather have a Sigma with AF instead of an M lens.
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