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  1. I wonder why people get so defensive about their M10Rs. Given their respective list prices, it is obvious that Leica would consider moving from the M10R to the M11 a “sidegrade“
  2. Someone used < instead of <=
  3. DarkTable doesn’t support the lens correction opcodes in the CL DNGs, for example.
  4. I had the asymmetrical sharpness issue with an Elmarit ASPH (v. 1) in the M8 days. The front group had become slightly loose. I was told it was not totally uncommon. It was easily repaired.
  5. If 1/2f is 60, 1/4f should be 125???
  6. Almost everyone with an M11 seems to have an APO-Summicron 35mm. Anyone out there with a regular 35mm Summicron ASPH can share their experience?
  7. Thanks, Joni. How often do you need exposure compensation with multi-field metering?
  8. One question about this aperture priority auto ISO approach with multi-field metering: with the rangefinder, how do you do exposure compensation? What I mean is that with a manual approach and center weighted metering you evaluate the light and decide the exposure parameters, but with multi-field the camera evaluates the light, and you have no idea why it is choosing a certain exposure, so you can’t correct with exposure compensation. Say there is a light and a dark area in your picture, multi-field could expose for either or an average, so how can you judge the amount of compensation needed?
  9. Worst review I’ve seen in a long time
  10. 60MP/24MP is only a 58% increase in linear resolution; 60MP/40MP is a 23% increase in linear resolution
  11. On one side, the M has no competition. If the camera is the right camera for a user, there is no alternative except for a used M. Leica puts a lot of effort on the M camera line. On the other side, there is a lot of competition for the C-lux and D-lux cameras. Leica rebrands Panasonic cameras. They probably feel the can’t add sufficient value to make it worthwhile to develop their own camera. The L-mount APS-C cameras are somewhere in the middle. Only Leica knows if they are getting the expected return on investment, and if it makes sense to keep investing in them.
  12. I don’t think there is a single answer. I see your point of view, I’m just trying to show a different one. Each one has their own requirements, and none are right or wrong, just different.
  13. The thing is, if you buy the CL plus three lenses, it will be way more expensive than the Q2; also larger and heavier. If you are into lightness and compactness, it’s not the way to go
  14. Because you live with one camera and one lens. The X2 way.
  15. I am upgrading from an X2… the comparison would be the 90mm crops from the summicron 23mm and the Q2
  16. I think I can see why the CL might be discontinued: when I was looking to upgrade my X2 I couldn’t make up my mind between the Q2 and the CL+23mm/f2, with the Q2 seeming a much better camera for only 20% more. In comparison, the CL seemed overpriced. I bet the CL2 would be even more expensive. The Q2 is killing the CL…
  17. I think he intends to ditch the plane and parachute directly into the lobby…
  18. I would have thought that the same would apply to the APO lens. Do you find that it has a gentler focus falloff?
  19. Totally different lens. The Q lens plays with distortion to achieve its performance; the M lens doesn’t have that luxury.
  20. I think that the main advantage will be to make sure you have enough image to do the correction in post. Without it you have to guess.
  21. That could be the case, but then why are film era AF lenses smaller than current ones?
  22. Thanks for all the replies, they are very helpful. I thought the electronic shutter would be used for faster than 1/8000 sec., I didn’t realize it could be used for normal shutter speeds. That’s good to know. M lenses using only the central part of the field in the CL is a good point too. Comparing M and TL lenses should be interesting, being two completely different design philosophies. Smaller sensors promised smaller lenses, but it turns out they require higher resolutions and thus bigger lenses. From an M shooter perspective it is disheartening to see the size of the SL lenses, or the difference in size between a 50mm Summilux-M and a 35mm Summilux-TL for a smaller sensor...
  23. My main camera is an M240, with a Summicron 35mm ASPH. As a backup, and for those occasions where I want to travel light I have an X2. Lately I’ve been thinking of upgrading the X2, but all options I see are suboptimal: • CL + Elmarit TL 18mm: good size and weight, but too wide • CL + Summicron-TL 23mm: good weight, slightly too big, more expensive • Q2: great lens, crops to 35mm-e, 30MP, APS-C, but heavy, big (almost the same size as the M), even more expensive • Q: cheapest option, great lens, but crops to 35mm-e, 15MP, APS-C, heavy and big I visited the Leica Store in my city to handle the Q2 and the CL. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a card to examine images in detail later. I have a couple of questions about the CL: 1. In the store, after handling the Q2, the shutter noise of the CL seemed very loud, like an M8. How is it in practice? 2. I’ve read complaints about the top wheels turning inadvertently when they brush against clothing. It must be serious enough if there is an option to block them in software. Is it that bad? 3. I remember Peter Karbe saying that for APS-C they needed to increase lens performance by 50% to keep up with full frame lenses. How do M lenses on the CL compare to TL lenses? Thanks!
  24. Also, this Nikon lens doesn’t have an internal focusing motor if I am not mistaken. These days AF lenses all have internal focusing motors and must be made bigger.
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