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  1. Not in love with LR but use it as my mobile platform on the iPad. I also use C1 on macOS and organize in the same fashion as below: TL;DR <get your &*^% together and quit worrying. devote your energy to being creative, not thinking about random photos. to make this happen, get organized in some way but have the discipline to keyword your good work so you can find it later with a search.> IF you want to know how I do it… “00000 Descriptive Name” <<<< this is the basic name of an album. I create the number when I create the album. The descriptive name i
  2. M10P, 35 Summicron ASPH Plaza Sant Cugat, Barcelona
  3. With all due respect, I might suggest that the beat up equipment is in fact a cultivated esthetic image. In particular covering the red dot…
  4. By "user" camera I a camera for use not collecting. So no special editions, etc. I shoot everyday, I don't know how often the film camera will make it into the rotation.
  5. Thank you. Gotta get the image man! To steal a quote from Spinal Tap: “…These go to 11…”
  6. I see. So the RF flare is more of an internet phenom than an actual photographer’s issue. Thanks @250swb and @a.noctilux for clarifying that one. If I pickup a M4-P I’ll look forward to having it happen someday. It’s really funny to me, after my transition to digital in the mid-90s, I never thought I’d go back to film and haven’t even missed it a bit until recently. I ran across my Luna Pro and Pentax V a couple of years ago and got rid of them too. I guess what comes around goes around.
  7. After reading through this, I’m leaning toward a new or very good used MP. I really have no interest in getting into a CLA or other repairs, so newer is probably better. The M4-P sounds interesting though. I’ve got a good Leica shop (with plenty of used gear) here in town, I bet they’ve got a M4-P on the shelf that I can fiddle with. I imagine the viewfinder problems with M4-Ps are obvious if present?
  8. Thanks! Its "organic" wear. The Safari is pretty soft though. I am surprised at how quickly it brasses!
  9. I guess I could do that but it's not how I do things. I don't mind spending the money ONCE to get an unflawed camera but I'm not the Leica guy that buys and sells. I'm the Leica guy that buys, uses, and keeps. These are $2000-5000 toys. I was just trying avoid a M9-like debacle. Sheesh.
  10. As far as getting your finger in the way: easily to solve! Put a step up ring on the lens to act as a guard keeping focus finger out of the way.
  11. So, I guess my point is that if it’s the lens you have on the camera at the time, it works just fine. I choose the Summaron deliberately often.
  12. Just get it then. I have 4 Leica 28mm lenses and the new Summaron is my favorite. It’s small and renders well. Is this the last lens you’ll ever buy? M10P, Summaron 28
  13. Yeah, I was hopping just to avoid something like the M9 sensor debacle. I didn’t list it, but I’ll want a .73 finder - I shot 28 more often than anything else and very rarely 90.
  14. I'm looking at getting a film M to play with. While it seems to me that the M system is pretty robust, is there a particular film M to avoid because of consistent issues? My needs are: -Must be M mount, NOT screw mount. -Meter is nice but not essential. -TTL flash is not needed. -Price is not a big deal, from what I see, I can afford a hardly used condition user class camera, although well used inspires more confidence. What is the common wisdom here? Just buy the most recent model, like a MA or MP, or step back a few years? Thanks!
  15. Is that price for real? I say “WOW”
  16. I have a couple of different things I do, but never do I walk around with my M untethered! For me, it’s just such an easy way to avoid heartache. I am frequently in places where were I to drop the camera (or anything else) it would be gone forever. It‘s a no brainer. Ditch the camera bag.
  17. David and Goliath Sculpture, Barcelona M10P camera JPG, Summaron 35 f/3,5 with goggles
  18. Have a look at the mount in the position opposite the red dot. That’s where the lens detect sensor will fall. Is there a notch or a cutout that would allow ambient light to strike the sensor? I had this happen with a M39-M adapter on my M10P. I used a different adapter, but you can also put a piece of gaffer tape on the gap at the lens detect sensor.
  19. Lol…hahahah oh sorry lost control there… To answer: yes.
  20. Let’s get real here. How much does the price have to change for it to matter to you? Don’t worry about the M10x price change with respect to the M11. I doubt the M11 will have any material affect on M10x prices or any other digital M. Remember, the M11 will be a MORE expensive camera, not the same price as the M10x. In spite of being a “digital electronic good” the M isn’t going to crash with every new release of a camera.
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