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  1. It’s still there. I do it all the time. Shoot “square” shoot “pano” shoot “full frame”, etc. I also like have lines too, it helps the detailed visualization, on those rare occasions…
  2. Wow. I’d love to have cinematic frame lines in my M10P. I’m having an affair with shooting panoramic…
  3. KFo

    M10R sleeping

    I’ve always found it acceptable as well.
  4. KFo

    M10R sleeping

    Ya, just give the shutter release a tap as a situation starts to evolve. Typically my M10P is ready to work by time I’ve got the scene framed. It’s quick enough in my opinion, can’t think of a “decisive moment” I’ve missed because of the camera. I have my sleep setting at 2 minutes, I’d set it shorter if I could.
  5. La Sagrada Familia - series I’m working on JPG M10P
  6. Sorry to hear about your flood damage! I’ve recycled all my new Leica boxes almost as soon as I got the hardware out and tested. I do keep the signed build and inspection cards though as well as the receipts. For buying used, I don’t care at all about boxes since all my stuff is for use - and I will recycle the packaging anyway. I certainly won’t pay more for a lens in original packaging. I do want all the hardware though: caps, trim rings, hoods, etc. Although the accessories don’t all have to be Leica, I just don’t want to have to hunt down more caps etc. Regards, Kev
  7. I find that when I work outside my norm of 28 (I have 4 M 28s)it can take “forever” for me to warm up to the alternate prospective. One thing I do sometimes is that I force the alternative. For example, right now I am traveling and I switch among the three lenses I brought each day. They are 3 very different lenses as well, 28 Summaron, 35 summilux, & 21 Voigtlander. Regards, Kevin
  8. Hi All: I recently rediscovered this lens while thinking about a trip. After I started using it again, I am finding my way into the wide-wide perspective of the 21mm. I haven’t been using it for “photography” yet, only for family outings. Noticing quite a few questions about this lens on the forum, it seems a photo thread would be appropriate. I’ll start! M10P
  9. I came down with a decision … My Ricoh GR came on the Camino. It’s a 28 (equiv), I really love working with it: light quick, has optical VF when I want it and the rendering pleases me. If you want see what’s happening out there my Instagram feed is at: camino_2021_kfo Thanks!
  10. I decided to give the Color Skopar a little more work over the last few days, using it on some family outings. I think after a couple of years since it was last mounted, I’m finding my way into the 21mm.
  11. Funny you mention this lens. The Elmar-M 50 hadn’t actually made it onto my radar. I do have the Macro-Elmar M 90 for all the same reasons that the Elmar 50 makes sense. I’ll put the 50 on my list of lenses to acquire in the future.
  12. I’ve heard that 21 approximates human FOV. It seems to be sort of true…except that distortion at the edges of the frame. It has always pushed me to uninteresting compositions trying to keep important stuff away from the edges. Requires more work on my part for sure. We won’t be on a wild walk, it’s more along pathways that connect villages and cities. We will be staying at hostels so I should be able to charge batteries. I suppose that if my batteries die I’ll sketch what I imagine seeing, or just use the iPhone until it dies as well.
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