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  1. With date but not thinner. They are all same thickness. Prices do not vary much depending on date/no date. Important they are in good condition with original parts.
  2. That's the going rate for a 16610 with box and papers.
  3. well, these days, used Porsche prices are on the rise ....
  4. What is the tripod doing in this picture??
  5. Good question, and the answer surprised me a bit. It has to do with the size and 'feel' of the SL2. It doesn't 'turn me on' like the m10 did despite SL2 being perfect on paper with nice EVF, IBIS (less relevant I think), ruggedness, L-mount alliance, looks. Also, most photographs you can nail with an iphone12, so the added effort required weirdly attracts me to the m line. However, I don't want multiple cameras, and I do enjoy some longer lenses for walkabouts in the woods early in the morning and I had too many missed focus shots. I think I'll wait and see what 11.11 brings before deciding. U
  6. Jeff, no I haven't - I'm sure its great. Also without EVF (I did have m10 and loved it w/o EVF - did a stupid thing and exchanged it for an SL2, and its not the same experience AT ALL to me). But I can wait to 11.11 and see if there's a new backward compatible EVF. Just looking for some more experienced Leica knowers if they believe a new will EVF will be compatible with m10 ...
  7. I'm in the same camp as you here, but don't have enough history with the brand to have a good feel for it. I do think an m10-r would be a poor selection if it doesn't work with a new EVF. But then again, how long are you going to wait for that 'perfect' camera.
  8. Owning an SL2 with a couple of m lenses to go, I really want to go back to an m camera, preferably the m10-r. What holds me back is the expectations for a new EVF, and that it might not work with cameras from before the m11. Any clues to whether a new EVF is coming, and if it would work with 'older' m models?
  9. Going into the morning mist. m10 + 35 summicron.
  10. Sure have my issues focusing M10 in certain circumstances, but would like to give one key advice that helped me the most; always clean the rangefinder windows as they tend to get smeared. This little advice helps a lot.
  11. Oh, and btw. Overgaard is not from Copenhagen ;o) he is from Aarhus.
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