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  1. A close-focusing 24mm Summicron M would be of great interest to me.
  2. Haha, that should read two M10Rs (not M2Rs!).
  3. It is a beautiful camera, definitely. I already have two M2Rs (and an M10M) and should really wait to see what the M11 might offer but this M10-R(P?) paint version is tough to resist.
  4. Many thanks, Dunk. That 800mm Telyt-S is indeed a 'Big Bertha'!! And I'm very aware that I'm standing on the shoulders of Nobby and Brian in taking on this effort. Very best, Frank
  5. I'm still working on the 9th edition which will be an updated and corrected version of the 2012 / 8th edition. Stay tuned to the Red Dot cameras website for info when available. Thanks for your continued patience (or semi-patience).
  6. I once ate a chocolate Leica R8 (smaller than life size, fortunately).
  7. The aperture blades on my 21mm 3.4 no. 4657xxx look the same. It's a fabulous lens!
  8. Regarding post no. 125: A bit of a Rorschach test? Rather than a 'hoodie', I see some resemblance to a moustache and and open mouth if viewed from the left side and also the top curvature of a head and a stylised wing-like 'monobrow' if viewed from the right side. In 'normal' times, my wife would say that I really must get out more.
  9. Good to see a copy of Tony Judt's superb book on your shelf and in the centre of your photo! (Even though you've focused just a bit to the right.)
  10. After having and using the Leica table tripod and tall head for decades, I agree that it is solidly built but on the heavy side. Sometimes easier to carry disassembled. Recently, I switched to the Gitzo Mini-Traveler https://www.gitzo.com/global/mini-traveler-tripod-kit-black-gktbb/ Much lighter yet very sturdy and still usable as a chest/shoulder pod. Folds up easily and simple to use. Less expensive than purchasing the Leica set new.
  11. See, for example: https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/gate-suffix-scandal-word-history
  12. I understand it to be a reference to 'Watergate' and the subsequent adding of the suffix '-gate' to a noun to connote scandal. Often employed to arouse emotional responses such as hysteria, dismay, disgust or resentment at the expense of reasoned evidence-based inquiries.
  13. Or this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1911-Rolls-Royce-Silver-Ghost/303565511241?hash=item46adea1a49:g:suUAAOSwGhReuntL
  14. Just to be fully clear, I was using the 'dust detection' function when photographing the sky as in my post no. 9. The bright blue sky using 135mm focused at 1.5m (at f22) worked the first time using the dust detection mode. I've had the problem indoors and then the successful result outdoors with both of my M10Rs. I can live with it. No big whoop.
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