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  1. 😉 Yes but I hope that you can find new wry ways just to subtly tease us without giving anything away! But I do realise that 'abstention' might be considered by some to be an all or nothing behaviour.
  2. Quoting Steven: 'Also, 11.11 is really not a festive date in Germany. ' Neither is the 9th or 10th of November. Citing Pedaes: Missing Erwin Puts. Yes, I do miss Erwin and his views. Whether I agreed with him or not. Whether or not his arguments were well-expressed, I enjoyed his challenges. Quoting Steven, again: 'There’s more than what I said a few weeks ago....' But please do keep teasing us.
  3. Or, perhaps, M4-P bodies were already being built by that time and the main elements were 'donated' to finish using some remaining M4-2 top plates and frameline masks without the 28mm /75mm 'notches'?
  4. Yes! This is one of the very last of the M4-2 bodies produced. Another difference from earlier M4-2 bodies is that there was the audible 'click' when the frameline preview lever was moved, just like the M4-P. I had M4-2 number 1531294 from the same final batch produced in 1980. The very next M bodies produced were M4Ps.
  5. In the '70s, Leitz tried to develop a 1.4 or 1.5x that would mate with the 90mm Tele-Elmarit. A few prototypes are floating around but, apparently, the quality wasn't deemed to be sufficient for series production. But I think Winedemonium's present proposal has merit. The 135mm Apo-Telyt is superb optically, handles well and could be quite good to use as a 187mm f4.8 with an M10R or M10M. Another possibility would be to use a 1.4x with the 90 Apo Summicron to obtain a 126mm f2.8 without having to carry an Apo-Telyt or Tele-Elmar.
  6. Here's my history with digital M cameras. Nothing original in my very brief summary: M8- Owned very briefly as a cheap backup to my M9s. Vastly preferred full frame of M9 and didn't like shutter 'kick' so hardly ever used it. (x1 owned) LEAST FAVOURITE M9- Long awaited full frame camera and loved the images (though very narrow latitude and sometimes reds too strong) but very annoying winding motor sounds and nearly useless monitor. (x2 owned) SECOND LEAST FAVOURITE M240- A huge improvement but too fat and limited buffer resulting in frustrating delays. Limit of ISO 1
  7. A close-focusing 24mm Summicron M would be of great interest to me.
  8. Haha, that should read two M10Rs (not M2Rs!).
  9. It is a beautiful camera, definitely. I already have two M2Rs (and an M10M) and should really wait to see what the M11 might offer but this M10-R(P?) paint version is tough to resist.
  10. Many thanks, Dunk. That 800mm Telyt-S is indeed a 'Big Bertha'!! And I'm very aware that I'm standing on the shoulders of Nobby and Brian in taking on this effort. Very best, Frank
  11. I'm still working on the 9th edition which will be an updated and corrected version of the 2012 / 8th edition. Stay tuned to the Red Dot cameras website for info when available. Thanks for your continued patience (or semi-patience).
  12. I once ate a chocolate Leica R8 (smaller than life size, fortunately).
  13. The aperture blades on my 21mm 3.4 no. 4657xxx look the same. It's a fabulous lens!
  14. Regarding post no. 125: A bit of a Rorschach test? Rather than a 'hoodie', I see some resemblance to a moustache and and open mouth if viewed from the left side and also the top curvature of a head and a stylised wing-like 'monobrow' if viewed from the right side. In 'normal' times, my wife would say that I really must get out more.
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