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  1. I am certainly not a master printer, but generally know what I am doing. ALL B&W. The maximum size I will do myself is 16x20. For larger prints (i.e.24x36) I have scanned negatives (usually XP2 Super) and sent the adjusted/improved file to Ilford Lab in the UK. The results have been very satisfactory. The prints look exactly like the image on my screen. My approach is to scan the negative (max resolution), and manipulate the image with Photoshop Elements and Silver Efex pro. My conclusion is that the quality of the final print is up to me manipulating the scan. I have been very happy with the outcome.
  2. Sir Isaac Newton. Differentiate that. kodachrome, many year ago.
  3. Piazza Navona, Rome. XP2. The Four Rivers Statue (Bernini). Apparently this wunderful horse is the only part of the statue carved solely by Bernini.
  4. Seems to me that the issue will be the availability of electronic parts (which Leica do not make). At some point they will run out of replacement sensors (or whatever). This will not be unique to Leica. Some small car brands will have the same problem. For a company the size of Leica, seems to me that the best they can do is get a statistician to provide a best estimate of future needs, and pre-order accordingly. Must be roughly the same with other manufacturers. With film cameras Leica can make a stock of parts – not so with electronics.
  5. Basilica of Saint Denis, north of Paris. XP2
  6. So far, no one has pointed out that XP2 can be developed in normal B&W developers. It works well in HC-110 – results are very sharp and fine grained. HC-110 also lasts for a very long time, and in that regard compares well with Rodinal. Results (prints and scans) compare well with medium format negatives.
  7. Nice photo. What did you learn from your test?
  8. Mr. Ye’s response to the OP is unconscionable. But it does not take away that I and others have had a good experience with him.
  9. I am sorry to hear of your bad experience with Mr. Ye. He CLA’d my M3 and also my M2 (plus a recover). It was all done well. And both cameras feel like new. No issues.
  10. Sarlat la Caneda, Dordogne, France. XP2.
  11. How 'bout a Mercedes Benz 300 (Adenaur) from the 50s.
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