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  1. schllnbrgr

    what is displayed in the viewfinder with M10 and M10-P

    In Live View you can just press the circular button between the arrow keys and all information is gone. or did I misunderstood you?
  2. schllnbrgr

    Leica M App - No focus peaking?

    Hey all, so this is my first post on the forum, i just got my M10 about a week ago. I just installed the "Leica M App" (on iPhone) and connected it to the M10. If i start the "remote live-view" i cant see the focus peaking in the app, on the camera screen it is available. i thought the camera just streams the live view to the app. Is there any configuration to enable this or is this a technical limitation i cant think of? Is it possible in the upcoming Leica Fotos App? Thanks!