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  1. Jono

    21 SEM: loose aperture ring?

    The aperture ring on my 21SEM was very loose when I first bought it, and even after adjustment, it was still too slack for my taste. I'm still not sure whether it's intended to be like that or I just had a one-off.
  2. Jono

    Over 1000 photos on one single battery with the M10

    After hearing all the complaints about battery life when the M10 was released, I was surprised to find how long the M10 battery lasts (after a few cycles). I'd usually get through at least one battery, sometimes two, in a day's shooting with my M9 but find the M10 battery roughly on a par with the Leica Q battery, i.e. it gets me through a full day shooting with capacity to spare (including plenty of chimping & LV use).
  3. Jono

    ISO auto

    Yep, that's my experience too. With my max ISO at 10,000 and slowest shutter speed at 4x, the shutter speed starts to slow below 4x when max ISO is reached.
  4. Jono


    Full product description here: https://charger.nitecore.com/Uploads/FLASHLIGHTS/download/1536652059.pdf The ULM10 has 2 charging modes: QC mode and Standard Mode. It can charge 2 batteries in QC mode but only one battery in Standard Mode. I've used the M9 and Q versions for some time and never had issues. My new ULM10 version charges two M10 batteries in a couple of hours in QC mode. I wish it had the same form-factor as the D-Lux dual battery charger which is much more compact.
  5. Jono

    My very late Leica M10 Review

    Interesting....how often do you need to do this?
  6. Jono

    Exposing for Highlights

    I should perhaps add that after using the Q as my main camera for 3 years, I find that the M10 is very different with regard to exposure and indicated ISO. For example, I usually use my Q at indicated ISO 1600 at night or in dim light, and my M246 at ISO 2500, but I’m having to use my M10 at much higher indicated ISOs to get the same shutter speed at the same aperture (with my 28mm Summicron). At night, I’m typically using my M10 at ISO 6400 or higher.
  7. Jono

    Exposing for Highlights

    ‘Capture Assistants’ in the M10’s main menu has two useful items: Exposure Clipping which I set to 1/254 for highlights, and Exposure Simulation which I set to Permanent for when I use LiveView. I then vary the exposure compensation if necessary with the thumbwheel ( always negative EV for the same reasons Nowhereman explained).
  8. Jono

    Leica Q - the image thread

    Kier, playing in monsoon rain
  9. Jono

    Leica Q - the image thread

    outside Mommy Riza's house, Tondo, Manila
  10. Jono

    M9, M9-P, M-E photos. Post them here...

    tagging the separation wall @ Ras al-Amud, Palestine side
  11. Jono

    M9, M9-P, M-E photos. Post them here...

    @ Shuafat Refugee Camp checkpoint, Palestine
  12. Jono

    Leica Q - the image thread

    @ Dreamworld KTV bar, Phnom Penh
  13. Jono

    Leica Q - the image thread

    Dah's boyfriend at Phnom Penh ladyboy party after too much meth (ice), whiskey & red bull
  14. Jono

    Monochrom type 2 shots -post them here!

    Hanh @ Middle Island, Red River, Hanoi
  15. Jono

    Leica Q - the image thread

    Ana Marie and her cousins, Masiit, Laguna