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    Won a V-Lux in a photo contest

    The link in my original post will take you to my series, along with the artist's statement. There is a lot of other excellent work from other photographers in the exhibition, too. The Fence is currently on view in Atlanta, Santa Fe and Durham.
  2. Hello everyone, I've been lurking for a little while in the Leica Forum, but now that I have my new V-Lux in hand, I thought I'd post something here. My regular camera is a full-frame Pentax K-1, and I've been using that system for several years to make portraits of rescued animals. In 2018, I entered portraits of rescued chickens in United Photo Industries' content for The Fence 2018. The Fence is an eight-city, large-scale outdoor exhibition where they print the winning photo series on a water-resistant canvas and hang them on fences in high-traffic areas. The exhibitions usually coincide with photography festivals, like Photoville in New York City. Earlier this year, I was thrilled to learn that my series, Is This My Beautiful House?, was selected for the eight-city exhibition series. And then a few weeks ago, I was even happier to learn that I'd won The People's Choice Award. The prize package for that award includes a Leica V-Lux and free tuition for a Leica Masterclass. http://fence.photoville.com/artist/is-this-my-beautiful-house/ Although I don't expect the V-Lux to replace my Pentax, I can see that it will come in handy when I (or my husband) don't want to carry all of our kit around. When I'm photographing animals, I often need zoom lenses because I might be photographing someone at my feet one minute and someone far away the next. So the long zoom range of the V-Lux seems like it will come in handy. I'm looking forward to putting the camera through its paces and learning more about it in this forum. PS - If anyone is interested in learning more about the submission process for The Fence 2019, I'd be happy to share what I've learned about it.
  3. With respect to the film cameras, I mean the film itself (not the camera). AFAIK, film that you buy for film cameras incorporates gelatin, which is derived from animals. Gelatin is used as a coating for certain papers as well, so I avoid those, too.
  4. I don't care if the gripping surfaces look like leather. But for the sake of my cow friends, I just don't want any of the camera components to be actual leather.
  5. Hi everyone, I recently joined the forum since I'm looking into the possibility of getting a 2nd camera system and thinking about a Leica. Currently, I use a Pentax K-1 (full-frame digital camera) and mostly use it for animal portraiture - semi-pro and fine art photography. For what this type of photography, weather resistance and zoom lenses are critical because I'm often photographing in an environment where I'm focusing on an animal in the distance one minute, and then another animal near me moments later. My favorite lenses are a 60-250 F.4 and a 24-70 F2.8. I'm thinking about getting a second camera system that is more portable and more suitable for travel and everyday photography in situations where I want to travel light. Again, I'll be mostly using it to make portraits, with a little street photography and streetscapes, and I'm also likely to carry it to social settings (e.g. visiting family and friends) when I don't feel like dragging a big camera system around. I don't need a long lens, but I have a feeling I don't want to be restricted to a fixed lens either. (I have some fixed Pentax lenses and although I use them, I use them infrequently.) Now, here are the tricky criteria - and I couldn't find easy answers when reading specs on the Leica website or a quick search in this forum. 1. I have extremely limited depth perception and with my interest in often fast-moving and unpredictable animal subjects, auto focus has been my friend. I fear that a rangefinder isn't going to work for me. I did try one (briefly, for an hour or so) in a Leica workshop a few years ago when I was a less experienced photographer and found it very hard to use. (I know that an hour isn't a long enough trial, but I wanted to mention that I had at least held one in my hands before and tried it.) So I've pretty much ruled out the M. 2. I'm vegan (and specialize in photographing rescued farm animals). So I avoid animal products as much as possible. That means no film cameras and I'm concerned about the references to leather cladding on some of the camera models. I'm not sure which have real leather and which have synthetic leather or some other material. Without finding an answer yet to (2), I'm thinking about the Q (highly portable but I'm wondering whether a fixed lens is too limiting for what I like to do), the CL (lighter than my current set-up and flexible because of the interchangeable lenses, but is it really light enough to justify the purchase?), the D-Lux or the V-Lux. (The D-Lux micro 4/3 sensor and fast lens is appealing but I'm wondering if it's a bit short for my taste. The V-Lux would be very versatile but I wonder if I'd find the 1" sensor adequate after shooting full frame - and is it too big?) Any advice, as well as confirmed information about the use of leather in any of the cameras mentioned above, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!+