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  1. Thank you Francipaq, well noted
  2. Hi everybody, I just got the Lims hood and like it very much, but I have two questions here. 1 I am not able to put it in the right position 2 Which lens cap I can use keeping the hood on ? Thank you everybody for your help
  3. Hi all I just had the same issue, after few tryings I found the answer in the faq section of instructions : 1 delete the camera from the fotos app on the mobile device 2 re establish pairing between camera and mobile device. I just did it and it worked out well.
  4. Hi everybody, just bought an M240 few months ago and enjoing it with lenses I have from my M6 time, but I am now considering passing to more modern lenses. Starting from the 50mm I ve read elsewhere different comments regarding the zeiss planar and sonnar, and would like very much to have an advice from the forum here before buying one of these.. Thank you in advance for your time to answer me.
  5. Thank you everyone for your kind and fast answers. Yes of course I already have the EVF 2. When using the M240 with adapter and Nikkor lens shall I keep all functions of camera or will I loose something ? All best
  6. I just bought a M240 and it is not clear to me if it possible to mount Nikkor lenses ( trough an adaptor) on it, and if this is the case there will be limitations in use ? Thank you
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