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  1. Much appreciated. I hope to achieve the similar effect on my M10M images with this lens. Often times, subdued effect comes with other artifacts, often associated with older lenses, that I reserve for special situations. And an extreme lens such as 50APO often feels harsh to my taste, retrospectively. A “normal” 50 Summicron may very well be a perfect solution to my needs at the moment. Look forward to getting my hands on it soon.
  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the tone and mood you created with this lens. I think this may be what I have been looking for. Do you mind sharing a photo of your lens because I am a little confused between v4 and v5. Is this the latest version that has the safari edition or the one that has 50 jahre special edition, or even older version? Thanks!
  3. I knew someone would say that, and my prepared answer is “me too.” Again, my apology for the piss-poor analogy.
  4. When I said “sell like crazy,” I mean the sales volume that surpasses very much successful Q. I am sure Leica can handle it, and I would’t necessarily call it “swamped.” But then, many will stop buying a Q. 🤑 So it’s a strategic decison for Leica, I guess. If someone else with a better cost structure (see TTA, 7A, LL or better yet CV for lens counterpart) starts making a native M-mount EVF body with competitive technology, AND is commercially successful, I am sure Leica will be forced to build an EVF-M. Leica doesn’t have to sell it at $Q2/2, but I am sure they can make one for les
  5. I am most likely to at least try M-EVF if it has Q2 form factor and similar specification. Without 28mm Summilux f/1.7, I expect it to cost around a half of Q2 price tag. Q2 body is not as refined and robust as an M, but I don’t mind. Anyone not willing to try? I think it would sell like crazy. Let’s call it N, O, or P because it is functionally in between M and Q. And most of us will still buy M11 OVF version.
  6. For me, EVF takes away the joy of composition and replaces it with convenience, aka WYSIWYG. If I shoot for living, I might choose EVF. But because I shoot for joy, I choose OVF. It is like cooking your own soup or pouring a can of campbell’s. I like both, but I choose to cook instead of drinking campbell’s if I have to choose only one for the rest of my life. Others may choose campbell’s. (Sorry if this makes no sense.) “You cannot compose with an iPhone.” Erwitt said that, and I tend to agree. With OVF, I am basically composing by cropping out the frameline from the w
  7. Thank you for the guidance. Flickr contains enough reference for me to make a decision. If you actually go through all the images posted here (46-pages worth of SL2-S), there are less than a handful of “people” images to my surprise. Lots of lovely images with great colors, but just not enough portraits, maybe due in part to COVID. Thank you!
  8. I am considering buying SL2-S. Before pulling the trigger though, I want to make sure I don’t have the red and/or magenta skin tones which I see in some SL2 and which I experienced when I owned/shot with the original SL. I do not see enough people shots to consult and reference, not to mention portraits, in this thread. Could some of you post images to get an idea of how good or bad skin tone renders? I am reluctant to buy into the system again because I am not sure whether red-ish skin can be eliminated by applying the same import profile to all the images. When I tried many years a
  9. Never really noticed this anomaly before because I prefer moderation when it comes to PP like many other users here. On the contrary and shockingly enough, I could reproduce the artifact on my first try. Although I may not have recognized the sensor flaw had it not been spotted by others first, I think it is hard to remain a happy owner of M10M knowing that the ugly artifact will show up if I try to see it. So my disheartened warning to other happy owners: do not try this at home; you will regret. The artifact is not artistic (read “outright ugly”) like some old-lens effects, and y
  10. My Leitz Wetzler M10M purchased earlier this year shows the issue. (contrast +100, dehaze +100 to make this as observable as possible) Although hardly anyone will PP in such extreme, I would still say this is an unacceptable sensor flaw. I hope people at Leica shout out this can be fixed before they delve into the issue so that they can restore confidence and I do not have to go though the complaint procedure with my dealer. (Not as obvious, but the region below the circled area still shows the division. Refer to the navigator panel on the left to get the idea of magnified area. Lens used: Sum
  11. 28 Summaron Welcome critique to my composition, tone, PP, and style.
  12. 28mm Summaron New to M10M forum.
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