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    LEICA M8 Replacement battery type 14464

    I have two genuine Leica 14464 re-chargeable batteries for my M8. One was purchased in April 2012 and the other in December 2013. The markings on both the packaging and the batteries are identical and neither give an indication as to when they might have been manufactured. I'm not sure as to whether they were purchased from the same shop - if they were it is possible they were from the same batch.
  2. Brian Bradshaw

    LEICA M8 Replacement battery type 14464

    Very many thanks. Much appreciated Best wishes Brian
  3. I find several different options for type 14464 replacement batteries for the M* on Web sites. These appear to be available in the following values: 1600 mHa and 1900 mHa. The "Liica" branded battery presently in my camera is rated at 1860 mHa and the prices differ considerably. Can someone, please, advise me as to the pros / cons of using a compatible type battery as against the genuine Leica one. With many thanks, Brian
  4. Brian Bradshaw

    Replacement Li-ion Batteries for M8.

    I am looking for a replacement battery(type 14464) for my Leica M8 and there appear to be plethora of batteries available at a wide range of prices and all appear to have the same markings? Any observations/ suggestions, please.