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  1. Its the same with me. I started with an M6, since then its been a downhill slippery slope culminating with a recently acquired M10 R Black paint. Now I must try and find a new home for some of my collection. I did say to the nice lady at Leica Mayfair not to let me in next time I turn up. 😀
  2. I have read on another site, that the top plate of the M10-R BP may not be brass and therefore may not give the patina that Steven may require. Anyone have further info ?
  3. I would be interested to see what it looks like out of its wrapping Newboy. Leica Miami have the same part number for what looks like the original hood. https://leicastoremiami.com/products/leica-lens-hood-for-50mm-f-1-4-summilux-black-chrome-11688?variant=26725105424.
  4. I'm a lucky guy. frame spacing spot on and no negative scratching with my MP. Brand new in September 20.
  5. Sorry Susie but as far as I am aware the options of different viewfinder and body coverings finished when the a la carte program finished. I am sure other forum members may know other ways of achieving what you wish for.
  6. It is a really nice finish Andy, quite tactile. Nicely grippy. I have an M9 that has been upgraded to an M9-P and I'm seriously considering getting it reskinned to something similar.
  7. I picked up my MP last week after only 3 weeks on order. My bank account didn't expect to be troubled quite so soon. Serial number 5586xxx. The viewfinder is a delight and it is all stunning as maxfairclough points out above.
  8. Good afternoon everyone. A cautionary tale. I went out for a gentle stroll recently as permitted under government guidance only to find that the meter in my M6 was completely dead. Replacing the batteries turned out to be more difficult than expected, I tried everything, eventually managing to shift the battery cover with a jewellers screwdriver and small hammer. See the attached photo to see the condition of one of the batteries. Please check your batteries regularly to prevent an unnecessary catastrophe.
  9. According to an email I received yesterday, the price goes up to 1550 euros on the 1st December. You might just be lucky to get it done at the old price.
  10. Welcome to the forum MarkieC. I'm a Noob too. This forum is a fount of knowledge and enthusiastic people and I'm sure they will help you on your journey with your new M10-P. Enjoy
  11. Just got my M6 + 35 mm cron. Loving the size and weight, wondering why I didn't do it earlier. Developing film again, loving that too.
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