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  1. I am very impressed with this lens on my M246. It is my first 75mm lens. I have a classic Summicron 50, Summaron 35, Elmar 90 & 135. Many times, I find the 50 a bit wide, but wouldn't mount the 90 because it was too narrow. The 75mm is just right for events where you stand back, then I mount my 35 for more mingling work. The 75 also lends itself to more intimate landscape work. In my large format 4x5, I have focal lengths with their equivalent (35mm) focal lengths: 75 (21), 150, (43) 210 (60), 300 (85). I usually mount my 150 and seldom my 75 or 300. I am now also going to use my 210 more extensively as it is also a macro lens and the composition works well with the 75mm Summarit.
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