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  1. Finally good weather in The Netherlands. Typical Dutch scene, on the bike to the beachfront near Noordwijk. Leica M10M, 35MM Lux (FLE), orange filter.
  2. The Beautiful City Hall of Weesp (The Netherlands) built in 1776. Leica M10M, 28MM F2.0 Summicron (Safari edition) with orange filter.
  3. You are right, but this is the farmhouse that is opposite the meadow and tree.
  4. This "tax oak" was planted between 1700-1750 . The story goes that, if farmers planted trees in their meadow they would have to pay less taxes. This beautiful tree was preserved and can be admired at the s'-Graveland estate in the Netherlands. M10M 35mm Lux(FLE), with yellow filter.
  5. As you can see, we are fond of chocolate, most of them are gone. M10M, 35mm Summilux F 1.4 FLE
  6. Colored M&M's in black and White 😉 M10M. 50mm summicron F2.0 safari edition
  7. Does anybody know why Leica does not produce red filters for the monochrome or B/W film cameras? I know there are yellow, green and orange filters, but no red filter.
  8. Thank you for your kind words. Seductive is the right word. I will probably be schooting only with this camera the coming months.😉
  9. After following this monochrome post, i finally decided to buy the M10M. First shot with a 35mm lux fle. ISO 160, F5.6 S 1/2000. I am impressed by the sharpness and greytones. This brings back my B&W time in the ‘80.
  10. My experience is that the built-in lens hood ensures that it is nicely compact. One of the reasons for me to purchase this one. Small and easy to carry. This is my only 28 MM summicron, so i don't know how it compares to the normal one. Concerning flare: i didn't use it that much until now, due to Corona and the winter weather i have Little chance of going outside and try it out.
  11. Thank you for your reply. You are right, as written on this website. Not nice from Leica to tell in the beginning, that there will only be a limited amount of these lenses of 500 and now raise it to a 1.000 pieces. This is misinformation to the customers! But i do see, that this Firm increased the price from the original € 2.550,00 to € 2.990,00
  12. How do you know? Where did you get your information? just like the new released 50mm noctilux F 1.2, where they say that a limited production of 100 silver lenses and 1500 black lenses are produced. I already red that this is not true either and that they make at least 200 silver and 1800 black ones. At the jonoslack item here on the LUF about this lens and confirmeer by Thorsten von Overgaard.
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