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  1. What makes a M9-P Sensor respectively it‘s cover glass so different from a M9? I thought they’re the same camera except some minor differences in the design🤔 …
  2. … and THAT is a really important if not the most important point (well, at least for me😇)
  3. … that might be true, but the TO didn’t told us anything about his motivation. It could be the feel of the lens, it’s smell, it’s weight, the way it renders the color red … you got it😉.
  4. @davorb The question is, what does your APO Lanthar miss? What are you looking for that the Lanthar couldn’t provide?
  5. @Jeruder Wirklich tolle Bilder, die Du da machst👍
  6. Hallo Louis und willkommen im Forum! Nur ganz kurz zur Erläuterung: Du hast hier im "internationalen" Teil des Forums gepostet! Umgangssprache ist hier Englisch. Es gibt auch noch einen deutschsprachigen Teil, der die gleiche Struktur hat. Ist ein bisschen verwirrend, aber man gewöhnt sich schnell daran;-).
  7. Just throw it on the street! You might even get some “rallye stripes”. My M9 kissed the street shortly after Chrstmas last year when the strap came loose. After that I had it checked by Leica and asked them to replace the top-plate (don’t know the correct english term) with the one from the M9-P. Looks pretty good but I think about selling it.
  8. ... does the software come from Microsoft😱?
  9. Warum fragst Du nicht Leica? Die sollten das wissen😇.
  10. thedarkroom.com … they have a pretty good reputation and I like their informative content on Instagram. It’s probably easier than buying another digital camera and fiddling around with the necessary equipment needed for digitizing analog photos on your own.
  11. I am shooting a M10, a M9 (recently turned into a M9-P by Leica), a M6 and a M7. Most of the time I‘m into streetphotography (combined with travel photography in non-COVID times) and for me the M10 is still a wonderful camera, given that my sujet neither needs tons of megapixels nor extremely fast lenses (shooting mostly 28mm or 35mm at f8). And to be honest, recently I have been using my analog cameras much more than the M10, although the M10 produces technically much better photos. So, actually I am kind of relaxed concerning a M11. And if Leica is going the way of increasing the megapi
  12. Willkommen in der Welt der Fujifilm X-Pro Serie🤣! Bis auf den Kleinbildsensor ist das Deine Kamera - und sie ist sogar wesentlich günstiger als eine neue M😇.
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