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  1. Hello, Thank you very much for this lot of information for my database. In my database, : 567006: ebay 567009, 5-36 , sold in Westlicht auction nº 6, nov 2004 567014, 32-5, ebay 567016, 32-5, with Leica Gun Rifle copy, Westlicht auction nº24, nov 2013 in this Leica Forum: 567040 from kangoroo2012 567044 from Luigi Bertolotti 567047 and 48 from Alan McFall. I'll like to get pictures from my research of those lenses, if it's possible but first I'll like to post some one but I don't know how to do it,,, Can you help me, Regards, Jean-Louis Andreck
  2. Hello, Thank you but I have this link in my waiting list ... and 5 lenses more for sale in ebay and others...I have to take a decision to complete my collection. Thank you again
  3. Hello, Some one for sale ?? Jean-Louis Andreck ck-fotolab-leica-dealer in ebay
  4. Hello, do you have some first serie, 332001 to 332050 ? Regards,
  5. Hello, My idea it's to try to get more of this lenses for my collection and to complete my database. i'll attach photos asap Regards
  6. I have interest in this first version of the Telyt 40cm 5, serial numbers and pictures. I have 5 in my collection. Thank you
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