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  1. I must admit I was surprised to see this as a topic. I shoot the X1d 50ii and I have an M10M and an M10. They all are amazing machines. The Hassel is my go to landscape and my sometimes studio camera (For still portraits, not models flinging their head around, for that I use a D5)The Hassel is slow like a Leica but in a different way. Screen blackout is lengthy , AF is slow, MF has no scales on the lens or in body so you have to learn your lens and DOF/Hyper focal length. Images and colors are beyond pleasing. As far a dynamic range, the Hassel wins, but not a ton over the m10m, it destro
  2. FYI. Leica USA online store has the tab to "add to cart" which means they have some (thats how I snagged mine last week, they had 1). I was at Leica USA in NJ the other day and they told me US dealers backorder is over 800 units. So if your on a list, grab it!
  3. I woke this morning and figured I’d check Leica USA online store for an M10 Monochrom . Wouldn’t you know it, I had the ability to “add to cart” and I completed the purchase. I went back to the site and it said “out of stock” again. Slightly skeptical I called at 9am. They informed there was one Monochrom available and I indeed purchased it! Just got notification for shipping. I’m on the list at Miami and DC! Happy to be, off the list!
  4. Is it a new, just purchased body? You should troubleshoot it now if so. My WiFi doesn’t work on M10, never has and I confirmed that with two Leica representatives. I am very superstitious and my M10 new was focusing perfectly with my M glass so I refused to exchange it for a new one, I never upload images mobile so it was of no use to me anyway. I know I will send the body at some point to Leica USA as I will keep her forever so when she goes for service they said they will fix it. Good luck.
  5. I have his new “golden” one. For bright days it’s excellent. I find for tough objects, flowers, scenes with a lot of angles going on it just makes it easier to see the range finder box. One thing that disappoints is the black paint comes off easy revealing yellow brass. I would have just preferred brass.
  6. I am about to leave for the Caribbean and this time around my rig will be. 1 M10 with 50 Noc and 35 Lux. For almost anything I can shoot. 2 Sony A7rii with 25 Zeiss Batis mostly for gorillapod slow shutter and landscapes. 3 Ricoh GRii for my pocket. I must admit I am tempted to just get a 21mm Leica and leave the Sony home. Sure the Sony has the detail nod over the M10, but character wins over pixels IMO. It’s hard for me not to use the M10 for everything.
  7. I am a long time Capture one user as well as Adobe Camera raw/PS. I used the linear response option in Capture One for many years and found it quite good in giving my files a blank slate to start. I recently have been using my own Color checker profiles, one for outdoor (mid day sun)and one dual luminance profile for skin tones and I really love the results. The newer profiles in Adobe look pretty goood although I seem to get better Reds out of the box with a color checker profile, and for skin tones Adobe can’t beat a dual Color Checker profile. I wish Capture one would support the DNG prof
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