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  1. I applaud your taste in chocolate Albert.
  2. Nice shot. I'd try a square crop with this and lose the elbows.
  3. LOL - I always look for headless models. They fit into the frame so much more easily
  4. Gentle Suffolk countryside with the blackthorn coming into flower. Down around me the scarecrows are dressed in hi-vis vests which I find hysterical. With the TL 55-135
  5. This is a photo of Otis, aged 8, taken last summer. He is a very special boy with a wonderfully gentle and loving nature. 3 years ago he went to visit our neighbour and fell 9 stories from her balcony to the ground floor. It was touch and go for a while but he pulled through though he lost a leg and half his tail. We are thankful that there was no more damage than that. Today he is a happy, healthy cat and to see him run around the garden you would never believe he has only 3 legs. To further underline why this is my favourite photo I have posted an iPhone snap of him shortly after the accident just below my 'favourite CL photo'. I beg forgiveness for 2 photos and one not a CL photo.
  6. I like this very much Albert. Sad I can only give you one 💓
  7. I was wondering how you were getting on up there. It's very sad to see and hear of so much damage and destruction. I hope you are all managing.
  8. Looking across the fields to the church tower at Coddenham. TL 55-135
  9. Big skies this evening as storm Dennis blows itself out. With the Voigtlander 10mm.
  10. All four of these are exhibiting lovely light and colour, much more so than your iPhone could!
  11. I like these with the puddle and shiny pavements. You will love this lens - wait till there's a decent bit of light!
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