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  1. Voigtlander 50/f2 APO at or about f2 on an M10R. The CV 50 and 35 APOs compliment each other. Very pleased with the sharpness and bokeh.
  2. APO-Lanthar 35 at f2 on an M10-R. Sharp, and beautiful bokeh.
  3. I am as excited as the next guy to try this lens out and I will surely buy it given the bargain price when compared to Leica glass, not to mention the stellar reviews of the Sony version. But honestly I cannot imagine that it will please me more than my 50 Lux ASPH does.
  4. Here is a photo of Saugatuck Dunes and Lake Michigan in Winter 2020, using an M6, a 21 SEM and Kodak Portra 160. The 21 SEM is an astonishing lens. Every time I shoot with it I am surprised at its sharpness, color and clarity. Cheers, Nick Scavone Detroit, MI USA
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