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  1. Hi there, i used to have this same frozen problem some months ago with my first m10 i sended twice to repair and they replaced main board but reproduced again. Finally they replaced my m10 unit. Some months later i,m experiencing same problem with the new replaced m10, with many different sd cards, it seems to happen randomly.. not as frequent as whith the other but very often, when turning on and of the camera it fixes.. dont know what to do, because last experience with service was exausting
  2. Yeah! You,re right 😄 many thanks
  3. Many thanks! I own m10 and can,t downgrade. i would contact leica support best regards
  4. I have some Wifi problem, I know how to configure all it because I used it without problems in my previous M10 that Leica changed me for another issues. On that I leica M app and "create" WLAN and it was ok. In my new M10 I've been not able to run it -Firmware Leica M app. Using both "create WLAn" and "join WLAn with iPhone and the last version of M app 1.1.2. It freezes in "searching camera", then after a while wlan disconnects. -Waited for new firmware, updated directly to Same problem with the old M app. -Tried today to download the new app Leica
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