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  1. Hi again. No worries it’s sorted. See my post above. regards JC
  2. Thanks again it works! M10 for me there is a preset exposure on B... never seen it before but see attached. I found it in the way rramesh described above, then used the wheel to love along to the exposure I wanted. Then pressed the shutter and hey presto!
  3. Hi again. I have tried that rramesh and it works:-) but now I need to know how to set the bulb exposure preset time. Any thought? thanks again.
  4. Many thanks Ramesh I will try that. @jappv it is ISO dependent but I had ISO set at 100 which should allow what I need to do.
  5. Hi all In the past I used my M10 for exposures up to 120 seconds. Now I can’t find how to do it!! It’s really frustrating as I am on a trip where I need to shoot some dawn shots on a tripod with long exposure. I also have my Q2 with me so I used that today by selecting the 1+ option on the shutter speed dial. Please make replies really clear. Eg someone suggested using the ‘front button’ combined with Bulb mode. I could not find way through make that work. Please post a screen shot if there is any doubt. Much appreciated. JC
  6. Thanks Adam (and everyone else). Very helpful. I've just missed an asph lux on eBay, and have bid on another one. Fingers crossed! Regards to all. JC
  7. Content is what separates a mere photo from that of a most excellent photograph. r/ Mark Very true, Mark. What has become clear to me is that we are talking about two excellent lenses, and it's down to personal choice. I haven't bought either yet...will do so today!
  8. Hi Farnz and others. I followed the link above: https://www.streetsilhouettes.com/home/2018/8/6/leica-50mm-noctilux-summilux-summicron-all-versions-plus-summarit-f15 And found images for comparison between the two lenses under discussion. Not sure I can see the freckles, moles etc in the asph lens? That may be just me!
  9. Farnz can you post a couple of images from these lenses for comparison? You've got me thinking again!
  10. Nicely put, farnz! Actually I do have a project in mind which will involved photographing old men! I also have the 90mm apo-summicron M, and the 18mm Super Elmar, as well as the Leica Q2 which I use as a 28mm, so I'm well covered for focal lengths. Cheers!
  11. Yes. I am going to buy the summilux for the reasons quoted above. £3,300 new but there is one on eBay for £1000 less described as ‘nearly new’. So.... another decision! thanks again really helpful. JC
  12. Many thanks everyone for the really helpful comments, in particular Jeff with your first reply with clear reasons why. Loved the street silhouettes too. As lct says, it's a matter of taste:-) Have a great day! JC
  13. Evening all. I think I need to buy a replacement 50mm lens for my M10. I use it for street and posed portraits, mainly. I was looking at the Summilux f1.4 ASPH, but having seen some reviews, the Summicron-M f2 seems a good option and less of a hit on the bank balance. All comments appreciated.
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