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  1. I may do that. I couldn’t tell based on all the photos I’ve seen whether or not the leather was integral to any part of it. Sounds like it isn’t.
  2. I wish Lims offered the plate without the leather half case. While I really like the look of the leather, I’d prefer to not have to use one - would prefer just to have the plate.
  3. Any issue with constantly removing it/putting it back on? Part of the reason I was looking at the leather case is there are models with it built in - and you don't have to remove it to access the battery/card
  4. I will say, coming from the SLR world - I have a harder time holding the CL steady than I did with the SLR - the heft definitely played in to keeping it steady at lower shutter speeds. At least for me. The Fuji XPRO-2 was a little better as it was slightly larger and had the moulded bump in the front to grab on to. I'm going to try a leather case with a built in hand mould or the hand grip to see if it helps.
  5. Well, frankly, I don't use any auto settings - including ISO. I never have. I prefer to have full control (and yes, I know you can set the max ISO) - it's just not how I shoot
  6. Thanks...according to the seller, it isn't causing an issue at all in the aperture or the optics. I was just thinking that it may be needed at some point. Do you happen to have a basic set of steps of how you went about the CLA on your lens?
  7. Hello all I recently picked up a used 70's version III 50mm Summicron F2. I"m still waiting for it to arrive - it's supposedly just about perfect except a very small bit of oil on the aperture blades. I was digging around to see if there are preferred places for a lens CLA, but a lot of the postings I found were a little dated. Does anyone have a preferred tech or place for a lens CLA? It doesn't likely need it immediately, but I was just planning ahead. Looking forward to comparing it to my Zeiss C Sonnar on the CL thanks in advance Michael
  8. Thanks everyone - I didn't see it in an initial glance at the manual or doing a search. I find it later in the manual, but it seemed more about what it did do than what it didn't. I do think it would be good for the Leica folks to consider having a way to invoke magnification in AF Mode
  9. Partially answering my own question here - it appears that in MF mode, the magnification can happen automatically (based on your settings.) and - using the center button will toggle between 3x and 6x. My question was more pertaining to AF mode when you override to MF. I"m not seeing a way for it to do it - seems it would make sense for the auto magnification to kick in just like it does in MF if you are overriding the AF
  10. Hello all Just picked up the 18 2.8 to pair with my CL. Up to this point I've been using M mount lenses with the adaptor, so this is my first AF lens on the CL I've figured out that if you want focus peaking to override the AF by focusing manually, you have to have the shutter pressed half way - my question is, is there image magnification available as well? With the right wheel acting as the aperture control with this lens, I wasn't sure if there was a way to do it. thanks! Michael
  11. Re setting now with the firmware update. At the end of the day, it seems as though if there is a scene too dark, the magnifications appear darker. So long as they don't go completely black, you can still focus No reason to refrain from latest firmware - just hadn't gotten around to updating it yet - doing so as I type this
  12. Thanks for the feedback - the frame stacking makes sense. lct - when you say you can focus through magnifications - were you using the illuminated clock face? If I have a light source, I can do that, too. But if I don't, I can't (I wasn't using pitch black, just dark enough it would require flash) So I guess that solves it. I did, however, encounter another interesting issue. If I left exposure preview on for M mode, and turned on Flash mode of Auto or On...then turned on my flash...the brightness of the EVF preview would blink between lighter and darker. If I turn off exposure pre
  13. Hello all I did a search and didn't immediately see another post on this. I had turned off the Exposure Preview in Manual Mode, as I was testing with some darker scenes and wanted to be able to see the scene in the viewfinder. However, when I zoom in using the dial, it kicks exposure preview back on and I can no longer see my scene. Is anyone else experiencing this? I should note I have not yet upgraded to the latest firmware. thanks! Michael
  14. Another with the 35mm. I haven't spent a lot of time with the 35mm on the CL, predominately using the 50...but I"m really liking this lens
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