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  1. By the way, at the end Smaldore returned the payment and everything orderly. I felt sorry for having to return his stuff. However - personally I would not recommend his cases. They lack the refinement and are not on the same level with Leica’s own half cases. It was insulting and upsetting to read his emails. Rude character.
  2. I have just had a very bad experience with the Craftsman Angelo Pelle. Originally I ordered a Tokyo Holster for my M10. When it arrived I was not happy with the product. It uses a velcro which makes a loud noise whenever opening the camera bag and the leather was less elegant than I am used to from Leica's own half cases and not on the same level. So I sent it back and Angelo Smaldore personally replied to me in a very rude way. I am attaching here a Kopie from his email to me in which he insults me in the most rudest way. I would like to warn others in the community. This seller has absolutel
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