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  1. I was very pleasantly surprised by this. Is the f/0.95 being replaced or discontinued, or will this be offered alongside? Clearly not a re-issue but an updated design with the much sleeker and presumably improved built-in hood. Looks slightly larger as well, both width and length wise. If it retains the original optical formula while improving wide open sharpness this will be the it lens for me. And what if MFD is 0.7m... https://leicarumors.com/2022/01/09/new-leica-noctilux-m-50mm-f-1-lens-leaked-online-with-the-leica-m11-camera.aspx/
  2. Pretty sure @Ray Vonn meant to quote @Steve Ash. Anyway, I'm a bit stunned by the number of lenses some people have... 50 DR, Collapsible, E43 Lux
  3. I no longer have my Noctilux, but even then I always shot it wide open. Come to think of it I don't think I ever stopped it down...
  4. Some sample images finally posted here. Don't see anything special to be honest, but those aren't the best shots to showcase a lens like this...
  5. No he's saying the 6-Bit Coding service includes focus adjustment due to the varying thickness between the old and new bayonet mount IIRC. @vikagA couple years ago I had the same doubts about Leica NJ 6-Bit Coding my E58 Noctilux so I had requested they send it to Leica Germany and they were willing to do so on my behalf. I just get it to Leica NJ and they take it from there and get it to Wetzlar on their dime. I of course had already spoken with Wetzlar and told them to expect my lens. I think Germany referring you to NJ is their way of saying all their facilities perform same quality of repairs, so since you're in the US send it to the nearest facility which is NJ. If they knew what was going on I'm sure they wouldn't suggest that. I say keep following up with Wetzlar and see that they make this right. I'm hoping they will.
  6. Thanks for the comparison! Interesting timing since I just acquired a 35 Summicron 8 Element. Perhaps it's confirmation bias but the Cron looks better especially in the flare shots. Definitely more distortion in the edges though. For the price I can see the appeal but I'd personally still go for the original if possible.
  7. I can see why that was confusing, my bad. I meant the V2 and V3 in Black are the same weight, and V2 and V3 in Chrome are the same weight. The Chrome is heavier than the Black.
  8. My pleasure. Yup you got it, V2 Lux. Believe it or not they're the same weight in Black and Chrome, with the latter being heavier due to all brass construction.
  9. (From right: 1st - E46 Lux / 3rd - V4 Cron / 4th - V3 Cron) The V3 and V4 Summicrons are tiny, especially for their aperture. But so is the E46 Summilux for it's aperture. With its built-in hood it'd be my one-lens choice. If you're using lens hoods I'd say the E46 is arguably the most compact choice.
  10. Plenty already out there....if one was to search. Lens has been around for several decades...
  11. +1 Poor CLA resulting in cleaning marks, or in this case, scratches because they’re very apparent. I’d return it for sure.
  12. How is this helpful? Anyway, as others have suggested, work the focus ring from end to end. Over and over again. The lubricant may have migrated, or just needs to be equally spread out throughout the focus helicoid. Had a Noctilux with this issue and the above fixed it. Took a lot of turns though, so as @jaapv said do it while watching TV.
  13. Had a Noctilux 50/0.95 with this issue. What comes after eye watering? Anyway, it was out of warranty but I brought this to Leica NJ’s attention and they fixed it anyway. I’d imagine Leica Germany would be even more keen. I think your concern is legitimate.
  14. Haven’t spoken with him recently but call early at 10am CST. Always gotten through then.
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