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  1. +1 Poor CLA resulting in cleaning marks, or in this case, scratches because they’re very apparent. I’d return it for sure.
  2. How is this helpful? Anyway, as others have suggested, work the focus ring from end to end. Over and over again. The lubricant may have migrated, or just needs to be equally spread out throughout the focus helicoid. Had a Noctilux with this issue and the above fixed it. Took a lot of turns though, so as @jaapv said do it while watching TV.
  3. Had a Noctilux 50/0.95 with this issue. What comes after eye watering? Anyway, it was out of warranty but I brought this to Leica NJ’s attention and they fixed it anyway. I’d imagine Leica Germany would be even more keen. I think your concern is legitimate.
  4. Haven’t spoken with him recently but call early at 10am CST. Always gotten through then.
  5. Thanks for the pic. That actually looks pretty good, better than I thought. The matte finishes match well together.
  6. @Bborco My pleasure 🙂 You are right, the Serial # of your lens is in the same range as the regular Pre-ASPH version, not the Millennium Edition. I suspect it was sold with the M6 TTL ICS edition in Japan. Maybe before the Millennium Edition was released, therefore the earlier Serial #. I wouldn’t focus on that anyway because the model # 11613 is completely different and unique by itself. First time hearing of it. See what Bellamy Hunt has to say about it. He might even make an offer you can’t refuse 😄
  7. You definitely have something special. I believe the ‘ICS’ writing on the box is a clue. Doing some Googling it seems to be a special edition for the Japanese market. Found these two links that may help: https://f22fotos.com/en/m6-ttl-ics-sn-2-555-020-2000-an-edition-of-the-millennium-m6-with-085-finder-for-the-japanese-leica-distributor-kanto-ics-was-engraved-on-the-rear-of-the-top-plate-this-camera-is-number-20200-with-sum https://www.japancamerahunter.com/2014/02/36th-ics-world-used-camera-fair/ I’m sure Bellamy at Japancamerahunter will know more about this. I’d try cont
  8. Although they may be right this time, I wouldn’t put much stock in B&H listing items as “discontinued”. They seem to use that word and ‘out of stock’ interchangeably.
  9. Aside from the baseplate that’s exactly how my M9-P is brassed. I bought it sight unseen from The Classic Camera in London. Relieved seeing the condition I expected a low shutter count but it was 11,000+. I assumed the previous owner babied it or had it in a half-case or something. Nice to have some reassurance that it’ll stay this way if looked after. As cool as brassing looks I don’t want it on my cameras 😂
  10. Have a 50 Summicron coming. Hoping to make it my main lens 😀 The 58/1.4G is magic. By far the lens I miss the most, and one that makes me want to get a Df just to use it again. It has that ‘special sauce’ that makes it better IMO than the original Noct-NIKKOR. P.S. Some Windex or glass cleaner will have that focus ring looking new. Did that to a few of mine 👍
  11. Wonder where this is. I’m interested now 😄 Things always happen for a reason. Maybe some day you’ll end up trying one, but perhaps the FLE is the right lens for you. It sure has its share of fans.
  12. Thanks Hari, appreciate it. It’s just a cap so don’t want to make it a big deal, but I can’t help myself 😄 If that’s the case, it explains the missing metal cap, but not the dedicated cutout/spot in the packaging for the boxed plastic cap, as seen in unboxings. Why the cutout before Leica decided to include a metal cap? 🤔
  13. Thanks for sharing. Having a similar ‘taste’ for Leica glass I imagine I would’ve had a similar journey. My only experience with 35mm was short lived and with the Pre-ASPH Summilux of which I had 3 copies; the first two German but with haze and poor prior service evidenced by internal cleaning marks. Last one was a bargain Canadian lens that needed significant repair and the glass wasn’t mint so I moved it on. Have you considered the Pre-FLE? Aside from the reported focus shift its rendering seems different enough that some prefer it over the FLE. There’s also the 35 AA, but, you know
  14. Sorry for reviving this thread, but I’m just really curious and hoping to get confirmation in case anyone knows for sure if the metal cap started being included later but originally wasn’t? Recently picked up this lens from the original owner who bought it new and sealed in 2013 who says he doesn’t remember it coming with one. The box does have a space where the plastic cap is supposed to go like I’ve seen in unboxing videos.
  15. Stored with the front facing down and the mount facing upwards.
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