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  1. I recognized this tree and the flowers! Feeling nostalgic for sure, even more so with "older glass". Nice.
  2. Yes, Yashica ML 21mm f/3.5, C/Y Mount [Contax/Yashica]. There are adapters for both m-mount and z-mount, and I suspect others too.
  3. @Ko.Fe.:Thanks for your comments, they help me think about my setup. I don't only use manual lenses on an AF body, it just happened. I used to do a lot of portraits using a DSLR, after switching to the Z7, my old 85mm became manual focus as well as my 35mm. I also often rent an AF wide zoom to shoot interior, but don't want to carry it when I travel. The urge to get an RF is just for the pure enjoyment of it. @Topsy: I'm leaning towards the Elmarit, although last night I found another 21mm candidate, a Yashica 21mm/3.5. I didn't get the kit lens when I bought the Z7 as I was thinking of getting a compact and somewhat pocketable APS-C as a 2nd camera for when I travel, but now I probably will abandon that idea and get the Z zoom. I still want to get the M9/M-E though.
  4. @a.noctilux: I understand, point taken. I keep going back and forth on the two systems or stick with one. @Nowhereman: Your photos take me back, remind me of the days I was working in Thailand.
  5. Thanks all for commenting. @Ko.Fe.: Yes, perhaps I should rethink my strategy. Rightly or wrongly, I do not worry too much about the frame lines
  6. Hi All, I've been reading up on 21mm lenses, and would appreciate some thoughts. I hope this does not sound too much like a "which lens should I get" thread, I'm just trying to be more informed. After considering an M10 (cannot justify), I think I will look for a good used M-E, or go for the refurbished M9 if that program is still current. With that, I'd like to get a 21mm lens which I can also use with my Nikon Z7. I travel to Europe and Japan a bit, and want to get a 21mm to go with my 40mm. I shoot mostly the 40mm focal length, coming from an old rangefinder and slides. I was shooting my DSLR with the Nikkor 35mm/2. After switching to the Z7, I bought a Hexanon 40/1.8 and it's pretty much my main lens. I like my Hexanon but I'm actively looking for an M-Rokkor 40mm CLE. The Hexanon-to-Z adapter is about the same size as the FTZ adapter, whereas the M-to-Z adapter is half the size. The Hexanon also means a third adapter to carry for the M body, whereas with M-lens on M-body, and M-to-Z adapter for the Z7, my travel bag is a lot simpler, two bodies and two lenses I can interchange. I've ruled out the super-angulon 21/4 as I read that it won't work with a Z7. I considered the Hexanon 21/4, the used price seems to be creeping up from around US$200 to over US$400 now. The CV 21/4 is about the same money, and there is a newer and nicer looking 21/3.5 but it's over US$800. Add a bit more money, I can get the Elmarit-M 21/2.8 which I'm leaning towards. The Super-Elmar 21/3.4 is more than I can justify and I read somewhere that it's not that good on a Z7. I like to shoot street scenes at night, so I wonder if f/4 is too slow on the M9/M-E. I'm not worried about the M9/M-E low ISO range since I would also have my Z7. Would appreciate your thoughts or sharing your experience. Thanks.
  7. Thanks all for your ideas. Will read up a bit more to see which 21mm to get.
  8. Thanks for the notes, interesting thought about the CV 21/4. I was reading up on that lens when thought the new 21/3.5 may be a good buy, but at $800 it's only a bit less money than the elmarit-M, that's as far as I got. I hadn't considered the SEM or the WATE due to the relatively much higher prices. Now I'm reconsidering the CV 21/3.5...hmm.
  9. Thanks, I was leaning towards getting just the CV 15mm, now I'll think about just getting the Leica 21mm. I understand the SEM is the best of the 21mm, but it costs 2.5 times the elmarit-m. I don't change lens either, I bring 2 or 3 but would shoot with one lens all day. I think I'll be OK wandering around Kyoto at night with a 21mm.
  10. I've been wondering whether I should get both a 15mm and a 21mm, would appreciate some thoughts. This is for a compact setup for travelling around Europe and Japan, doubling up from time to time shooting real estate interiors (replacing a rental Nikkor 14-24mm). I recently traded in my D810 for the current Z7, had wanted an M10 but couldn't justify it, the lenses will be used with an adapter so really I should say as compact and light as I can make it. The widest I used to shoot while travelling was 18mm on a DX, 27mm equvalent, and I want to go a bit wider than the usual 24mm or 28mm. Originally I was eyeing a 20/21mm, however for the odd interior shoots I find myself shooting around 15-16mm a lot, and all the readings keep pointing me to the Voigtlander Heliar 15mm/4.5 (around $400 on ebay). Previously while searching and buying a Hexanon 40mm/1.8, I came across the Hexanon 21mm, but then I think I would prefer the Elmarit-M 21mm/2.8 pre-asph (around $1,100 on ebay) , just wondering whether for travelling purpose I would need both, or maybe one or the other would be sufficient. Would appreciate some thoughts from those who travel a lot around Europe (France, Belgium, Germany...) and Japan. I shot with a 35mm and an 85mm on my last trip to Japan, and I shot everything with my Hexanon 40mm on my recent trip to Belgium. I also bought a Hexanon 135mm/3.2 but have not used it much. (Also putting aside the fact that both the 15mm and 21mm would add up to more money than a new Nikkor 14-30S). And my apologies, as this is not a strictly Leica question, just that the Elmarit-M 21mm is rather tempting.
  11. Yes, you're right. I didn't want to start a new thread. My apologies.
  12. @ramarren: Your post above makes for interesting reading, it made me searching for more info., I wonder if I can mount it on a Z7 with the LTM plus an M-Z adapter. I might try and hunt down a copy next time I go to Japan. I'm a 40mm guy and have been contemplating getting the Minolta Rokkor 40mm/Leica 40mm-C, at $400-$500 the Minolta is a bit less money. Still have to get it from Japan it seems like. I want to have a set of lenses that will work both on the Z7 and the CL.
  13. My first real camera was a Yashica rangefinder, and it came with a full case (similar to this photo I pulled from the internet). I found it a good protection yet easy to carry, just the camera and a few rolls of films. I'm surprised to see most people buy just the half-case and hardly anyone has a full case. I guess these days a camera bag has more utilities, extra memory cards, extra batteries, etc. With a bag, I probably would not buy a half-case.
  14. Just sharing a thought. It helps if it's a non-descript ordinary-looking bag for photography gear, maybe nobody will notice it lying around? I have a second-hand messenger bag bought for $10 at the local Goodwill charity shop, add some foam inserts, works great. I used to attend a photography night class, everyone's bag probably has five or ten thousand dollars worth of cameras and lenses. Looking around the room, I thought man... there's at least a hundred thousand dollars worth of gear here. On the other hand, I see these tourists around Europe and Asia with nice big camera bags with prominent brand names proudly displayed, if misplaced I wonder what the chances are of getting them back.
  15. silver or black are for ordinary people, rich photographers go for gold. (...tried to attach a picture of a gold M, but the forum won't let me...sorry...)
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