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  1. Hello Frost, I have taken my M cameras along for skiing in Norway many times - bringing the 50mm f2.8 Elmar like you. No wide angle, better take a few a few pictures and sew them together in post processing. I kept the M in the front pocket of my anorak. The camera will not swing from from side to side. In the case of a fall it is well protected - and I have never been hurt by the camera. The spare battery should travel in some warm, inner pocket. Wishing you much fun with skiing and photography. Jan
  2. mnutzer, I wear of glasses and have no problems using the 24mm lens as suggested. Jan
  3. Hello Peter, You cannot go wrong with the little 28mm. But you made the point that you are looking for a 28mm as you dont want to go wider because of the inconvenience of an extra viewfinder. I have been using the Elmar 24mm/3.4 ASPH for years without the extra viewfinder. You just accept the entire viewfinder field of the camera. The 24mm has been highly praized in reviews. Jan
  4. I think you are right there. It is a data problem rather than logic problem. But how to encourage Adope to stick to the same nomenclature for all lenses?
  5. The new version of lightoom, August 2020 version 9.4, does not fix the problem. Both the camera (Leica M10) and the lens (Leica M Summarit 35mm f/2.4) appear on the list of support systems, just as they did on the previous version of lightroom.
  6. Someone else must have the same lens (2.4 / 35 mm) and software (lightroom classic) and perhaps solved the problem? As suggested above, I have registered the problem in the Adope support site. I also searched the site for similar problems, but no luck so far. Jan J
  7. I hope that someone who has experienced this problem, or a similar one, will read this and offer advice. I am using the M10 along with the Adobe subscription software. Therefore I expect to have always up-to-date software – and bugs being removed in short order. Here is the short version. I use the Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.4 ASPH as my go to lens on the M10. When I mount the lens on the camera and hit the info button, the info display correctly shows 2.4 / 35 mm. When I import the raw file to lightroom classic on the pc, then the metadata in the “library” section correctly identifies the lens: LEICA Summarit-M 1:2.4/35 ASPH. But when I open “lens corrections” of the “develop” section the lens is not recognized. Actually there is an error message: “unable to locate a matching profile automatically”. I can of course activate the lens profile manually from the lightroom table: “Leica SUMMARIT-M 35 mm f/2.4 ASPH.” But I expect the system to do so automatically. All this did work for this lens up to September of last year. Then it stopped working. It still works for other lenses. Hoping for help from the learned forum.
  8. I use the pc version of lightroom from the substription Adobe suite. I have added a small preset to lightroom for use during import of raw files. The preset forces: a) Lens recognision and b) Curves with a light S shape. The pictures obviously require further work in post processing, but they do get a decent look with the preset. Actually, I use the same preset for both the M10 and the M10M as it seems that lightroom for some reason has stopped to do the lens recognision by itself.
  9. I picked up a silver chrome M10 at my Copenhagen dealer the other day - and am still working to learn the menu. Here are pictures of the new camera and one of it's ancestors which was sold to finance it.
  10. I went to Berlin at a similar time of the year recently and found it to be a wet and cold place - well suited for the Monochrom and a 35mm f/1.4 for alle those afternoon and night shots.
  11. Version 1.012 indeed. Checking the Summaron pictures revealed that it is unknown to the firmware. The Summaron is not identified in the exif data. So, at some point we may see yet another firmware upgrade.
  12. I just fetched my three year old M9 Monochrom (S/N 4344xxx) at the Copenhagen Leica shop. It had been to Germany for repairs of sensor crack. The whole affair took 42 days and Leica responded to mails throughout. They replaced the sensor, did a CLA and upgraded the firmware to level 1.012 at no cost. I checked the sensor for dust and it is fine. Well done Leica! The shop had the new Summaron 28mm f/5.6 – so I got to put it on the camera and take it for a walk. Such a small lens! About 1 cm shorter than the 28mm f/2.8 ASPH and 10 grams lighter. A small gripe, perhaps, the distance setting tab locks at infinity.
  13. Putting the "old" Summarit 50mm/2.5 on my camera makes it as small and handy as a point and shoot - fit for hiking or a walk about town. The small 28mm/2.8 ASFH serves a similar function.
  14. + 20 months, no problems, just mounted some large b&w prints next to my old film prints - the digital prints stood up very well
  15. You have Elizabeth David! I made risotto milanese from her book for our new years party. Perfect with salmon. Should have made an M9 photo of it, perhaps.
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