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  1. I just went to Nangyuan Island (Thailand) and brought my Leica SL + Voightlander 35 mm f1.2 III I'm not sure about the F setting I hope it's not F1.2 shooting
  2. This is from "Vario Elmarit 24-90 2.8-4 Asph. " ? I like bokeh and sharpness.
  3. Hi there, I still use my Leica SL (the original one), kindly want to know your opinion about these cameras. which one is better for you and it's worth to upgrade from the original one? (Rendering, Sharpness, and character) I always take landscape (sometimes), portrait and candid. PS. I only use M-Mount lenses because of its size and weight. Thanks
  4. My friend and I went to some cafe on last sunday. shot with Leica M8 with Konica 50mm f1.2
  5. Thanks for your opinions. this is what i wanna know from others as shared information I like the rendering from Noct f1 as well, I have owned Noct V4 and 0.95. Noct v4 is my favorite lens. I don't want to have as one lens but for this time, i just bought a new department that why i have to spent a lot of money. if i can buy another lens, 35 mm is the best choice for me. I like the Champaign color it looks beautiful when mounted with Leica M6 Titanium (I sold my M6 already ) I'm not sure that my lens was calibrated or not just bought it for second hand shop with good co
  6. Anyone here uses this lens? This is my only lens now. I like the design (and Champaign color body) so much. also the weight as well. I would like the opinion for this lens from you guys.
  7. Miss the Noctilux rendering so much. hope one day i will get it again
  8. I just bought it last month (October 2020) and the cosmetic is great with fully box and accessories. Thanks for the ex-owner keep it best. I understood you. if you have only one camera and you concerned about that. i recommend to sell it. We won't know the future.
  9. So, I assumed it is normal for m8 right. this is my first vintage camera. I do not have the problem like this on my m10. btw, I like color tone from m8. it looks different and great with my konica 50. Thanks for your answers
  10. I only have one lens i couldn't test with another lens. today i tested again with set "detect lens" --> on. it looks like everything is better
  11. I'm M10 and SL user (also M6). I just got the m8 for a few day as my first camera that use CCD (I have never used m9 before). so excited to try M8. I got some question. yesterday, i went to shoot m8 with konica 50 mm f1.2 and I'm not sure why the picture in frame in viewfinder and my picture is not the same view. this is normal for m8? I hope you understand for my questions. sorry for my bad English
  12. I’m not sure but I like Leica vintage lenses more than modern lenses. For me pre-asph version is my favorite
  13. I have used summicron and elmarit 28 on SL before. I felt happy and fun when use elmarit more than summicron. I don’t know why. i like to candid others and the size and weight of elmarit is very good for me.
  14. Shot with Leica summilux 50 v2 mount on Leica m6 ttl with fujifilm c200.
  15. It looks great rendering. This Time is quarantined in my country as well so I can’t go to outside and take photos. I’m interested the news lenses from 35 F1.2 viii and this lens as well. Thanks for sharing.
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