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  1. I’m new to film and accept on the screen I haven’t yet developed the eye to confidently tell the finer differences between film and digital when the photographer decides to give their digital image a ‘film look’. So from that aspect - why then go to the extra hassle/cost of working with film, becomes a valid question. Hassle and cost are relative and personal but generally I rarely see film photographers trying to replicate the sense of a digital image which leads to the possibility that digital is simply a ‘convenience’ choice and similar to when becoming accustomed to ‘fast food’ w
  2. ‘Loyalty’ is only a business model because it sells products. • Bain & Company and Harvard Business School report that "increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%." • Research found that existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more, on average, compared to new customers. • New customer acquisition costs have increased by almost 50% in the past five years. Full report here. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2020/01/29/the-value-of-investing-in-loyal-customers/?sh=4dae2fe121f6 There se
  3. Is that a number on his coat (956)? if so that might be a clue….if you’re into things like that.
  4. If you suspect you are going to be bore your wife to tears worrying about messing up the M9 during your travels then take the Fuji. if you think the M9 is the only camera you have which would be capable of taking those ‘special’ images then take the M9 and accept knocks and whatever will happen. My choice would be the Fuji.
  5. Lovely photo! Even better being there no doubt! Its that fleeting moment which makes them so special for me …..the beautiful transitions of light and colour.
  6. I have the M10M and use a MP240 for colour. It works well for me and I actually prefer the slightly larger shape of the 240 compared to the M10. I agree with @Artin a great value Leica M.
  7. I think the possibility of going a little bit further than that through using artificial intelligence must also be on the cards. There is no reason why every Leica lenses can’t be optically modeled. A camera - branch of the M family - M size compact not requiring manually switching or carrying of physical lenses. Not purchasing lenses but downloading say Noctilux range…..or pre ASPH range through licenses or such in the same way many now engage with music and films. The expectations for the M11 is almost done and dusted and the conversations re ibis and evf may be short term ism and ignor
  8. I think there are logic bombs in videos like that. For instance - once supplies have settled down - I would suggest you would loose more when buying an M11 the moment you walked out of the retailers door than you would in waiting a year or so before selling your M10. There is also the suggestion that everyone’s camera has to produce an income as he talks about keeping up with user competition. So there is no ‘value’ placed on personal enjoyment as if his book keeping comes without a column for the debits. You’ve gone on holiday, drunk a bottle of wine or had a meal and only the cost
  9. Next time you post something like this…make sure it is fit for purpose.
  10. If you go that route make sure the ‘shrink’ isn’t a Leica user because after paying their tab you’ll probably be buying a bunch more filters on your way home.
  11. The perpetual need for wanting enhanced technology in, for what is simply a tool, can also be an excuse for lack of adaptive skill…..an extension of a ‘bad craftsperson always blames his tool’ but in this case ‘a not so good craftsperson always wants their tool to do something more or different because if it did their product would be so much better.’ Well the ‘more’ is already here enabling the ‘so much better’ if you perceive things that way. It might not be in the ‘M’ format but that wouldn’t really matter to a craftsperson as the make and model of the tool doesn’t matter, it’s the
  12. Can’t be greedy or overkill if you have sole disposable income and that’s what you enjoy. If there are some financial constraints then that might require a bit of forward thinking as buying and selling/replacing can drain resources. Minimilising kit is also worth considering - such as and If you can wait - then the M11 with the new evf plus the q2M might be a mobile compact kit which suits you with spare cash possibly going towards lenses.
  13. Doesn’t help….you’re overlaying one context onto another with dissimilar intentions. E.g the Daytona as and investment might enable you not needing to race to pay bills so therefore the better car to bet on. The Z9 exists- in part - intending to give competitive advantage to professional photographers. The same amount of money is swimming around the professional photographers ecosystem regardless of if the Z9 exists. So in that regard, by your definition, the Z9 is simply another example of ‘Jewellery’.
  14. For me any camera capable of using ‘M’ glass well has got to be worth a look although I am not certain if your hypothetical price point is achievable or a bit of science fiction to sway the voters. Anyway …would I buy a car which still got me from A to B made by the same manufacturer and carried the same ethos but which was 35% of their current prices and had stuff I didn’t really need like lane change assist bla bla bla but offered a less engaging and enjoyable experience when driving? For sure I would - for my digital cameras - if you chuck in weather sealing - and I would a
  15. And they’re probably just the ones he kept…..
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