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    Photography, Travel, Boating, Reading, History, Computers and Internet, Casual Restaurants, Asian Pop Music, Language Study (at which I am bad), following the news--especially politics and science. I still work full time as a lawyer and law professor, with no intent or desire to retire for a long time. I started out developing film in a commercial photo lab and working to set up professional photos of office interiors (preventing reflections, arranging furnishings etc.), but I have been an amateur ever since.
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  1. For travel where weight and size are considerations: M10 with 50mm 1.4 lens; iPhone 12 Pro Max; Nikon D500 with 18-300mm zoom (only if wildlife or other moving or distant subjects will be involved). Sony RX-100 if there will be many night photos. Likely to leave at home: other Leica lenses that I own (35mm, 75mm, 135mm); Nikon D800 and many fixed focal length and zoom Nikkor lenses. My favorite Leica lenses: 35mm 2.0 and 50mm 1.4 (a tie). I like having just one Leica lens available--I concentrate more on the shot and gain a better feel for control of the lens and camera t
  2. I have used my Leica half case for about six months during the past 2-1/2 years in humid areas, with no problem. I have used the camera for about two years with no case, with no problem. My camera still looks new. I recently reverted to the half case, but I don't know for how long. I never thought about the mold problem until reading this thread. Makes sense. i will be more careful.
  3. After 15 months with my M-10, I am still unsure whether my photos with it are any better, or often as good as, either of my Nikon DSLR cameras. Some of my Leica shots are so good that I don’t know if the DSLR’s would have matched the Leica image quality or not—I haven’t done any controlled testing of the same shots with different cameras or lenses. For some of my photography—birds and wildlife—only the DSLR with a zoom or long prime lens can produce the results that I want. Yet, I far prefer my M-10 whenever it’s use makes good sense to me. Here are my personal reasons, not in any
  4. I have kept and used all my straps. But for quite some time I have been using the black Rock & Roll strap without any half shell.
  5. I use my 75 Summicron a lot, and I have not had any focus difficulties or other problems with it. I often use it interchangeably with my 50 Summilux. I get good results with both. Probably in order of frequency of use, I probably use my lenses in this order: Summicron 35, Summilux 50, Summicron 75 and--a very distant fourth, an APO Telyt-M 135.
  6. In my first four or five months with the Leica M10, I have used my Leica-branded half case (together with its matching Leica vintage brown strap) most of the time when just walking about in my home-city locations, and also on one driving trip, taking essentially just snapshots. However, on a trip to the South Pacific--when I spent a lot of time hiking and in various outdoor settings--I reverted to not using any case. I also switched to a wide, padded, Eddycam leather shoulder strap that afforded more comfort and stability (less likely to fall off my shoulder, since I do not find using a stra
  7. I use the rangefinder on my M10 almost exclusively. A large part of this is that I learned photography in the 50's through 70's with a rangefinder, and it is very intuitive to me. I have no problem focusing my 35, 50, 75 and even 135 with the rangefinder. Conversely, I haven't used the LV enough to be sure that I know what I am doing as to focusing, time delays if any, etc. As I get more used to LV, I probably will use it more. I bought my M10 at the end of April, and probably have taken about 4,000 shots with it so far. I yearn for my DSLR only when I need a telephoto beyond 135. Her
  8. Good idea for the unlimited budget; just add water. I might take a camera in an underwater housing while I snorkel, but it will not be my Leica. Maybe my Sony RX100 or RX100v in an underwater housing designed specifically for that camera. However, I am happy to spend my time watching out for sharks and barracuda, while letting others be the photographers.
  9. Great picture and brings back memories of my zodiac times in the Antarctic in 2013-14. I didn't have a Leica then, and I think that I probably had at various times a Sony RX100 or a Nikon D800 in a sealed bag when not in use. In Australia, my Nikon took lots of splashing without damage. But I do not plan on taking my Leica in a zodiac this summer in the South Pacific except when it is in a sealed bag in transit between ship and shore.
  10. They probably are still adding colors to the building.
  11. I have probably wasted money on at least one strap (in addition to wasting money on my existing straps), because I ordered two straps yesterday (and I am still debating whether to cancel my first order so that I can potentially save money by trying out the straps sequentially). I ordered an Eddycam 50mm strap, and also a TieHerUp (Rock & Roll) M10 strap. I will see if either is more comfortable than the Leica straps that I have tried. I know the Op/Tech Pro big, wide, springy strap works for me, but it is large for a Leica and certainly not "Leica like". But I don't care what it l
  12. I haven't tried any extended use of my M10 without the Leica half case and screen cover yet. But I keep reading that an advantage of the cover is not only to protect the screen but to prevent accidental presses of the buttons to the side of the screen. But you may be right, because other high-quality half cases do not have a screen cover.
  13. Amazing. I used to live one half block off of Brickell near downtown about 65-70 years ago. It was a lot different then, for sure. Also, that's a great photo of the colorful building. A night Leica shot with a tripod or using a car top or other surface for a steady camera?
  14. I have a Leica half case with the removable folding flap that covers and protects the screen. Obviously, the case protects the camera body from some dings and scratches--and possibly even affords a slight impact buffer if the camera falls and hits on the case. Also, aesthetically, the retro look of a case is pleasing to many. The Leica case and some other cases provide a comfortable hand grip. The case adds a slight amount of weight and height, plus, with the Leica case, the extra step of opening and closing the flap if it is not removed. Unlike some other brands, the Leica case has th
  15. I have not used it on a trip yet, but I bought recently the Osprey Farpoint 40 and intend to use it initially on a foreign trip later this month. I normally prefer luggage with wheels, but I liked that this bag has a zipped cover that will enclose the shoulder and hip straps, to make it like a duffle at airports, on buses, etc. Here's how I plan to pack it. I will have a separate, checked bag for clothes, shoes, etc. The separate bag will also carry a Marmot day pack for daytime hikes with a camera, sunscreen, water bottle, etc. That day pack folds into about the same flat size as a t-
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