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  1. I'm loving the M10 for the past 2.5 years, best handling Digital Leica M by far. I have held off looking for a Monochrome until the M10M was released exactly for the reason above. However the eye watering price tag has made me wonder if I really want to drop €8200 for pure B&W. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the technology and the capabilities native B&W sensors offer, but the colour M10's files convert to B&W with lovely results. I might wait until the M11 is released and take stock of what it offers, upgrade to that, or pick up a 2nd hand M10M for significantly less t
  2. I'd find someone who'd ship it cheaper than €100. Leica Vienna has a silver one for €6250 shipped and net of vat. I'm sure you'll find it cheaper and including shipping elsewhere. Why risk tight time lines at the airport, lost paperwork, busy customs offices, buy it now and have it shipped so as you have it in your hand for the trip to europe.
  3. Just order it online from the store and have them ship it to you directly. The fact they have sold and are exporting the camera overseas means they can remove the Vat from the sale price. Incidentally under European Consumer Law we consumers have stronger rights than the standard Leica 2 year warranty.
  4. Eoin

    M10 M-D

    What hasn't changed in 25 years is a Leica user's passion and adherence to what they hold as sacrosanct. Except perhaps .... 12 years ago when Leica managed to shoe horn a digital sensor into a Leica M ... since then its been nothing but conflicting arguments about the technology ... not photography.🙄
  5. Eoin

    M10 M-D

    Don't be so selective .... you need to be rich to own anything Leica branded. 😉 OMG ... can't believe the reaction to this camera, obviously very polarising. I'm delighted to see Leica expand the portfolio regardless of it being of zero interest to me. If I want no interference or analogue experience I simply ignore or turn off the display. However the digital workflow is never far behind and can't be done away with if shooting onto a card. M10 is perhaps the most perfect Leica yet, more than adequate for most and plenty capable for those who demand more.
  6. Dual camera harness are a bit of an overkill for a dual Leica M carry IMO. As others have suggested cross body with thin leather straps or one around the neck (short) other cross body (long). If dual harness is the preferred option and battery / SD card access is required without removal of the base plate the only option I see is Luigi's http://luigicases.com M-Mate is the only non case option.
  7. Very true!, but then again, before the advances in emulsions & sensors to allow higher ISO values, aperture was considered the only medium by which one could enhance the low light photography without the addition of a light source. The Noctilux was developed in and for such an era, it has now become less relevant. Today's reasoning for a Noctilux is for each owner to decide.
  8. Check the focus cam on the rear of the lens, there could be a piece of dirt stuck to the cam surface giving you that aperture dent feeling. Also check to see if the feeling is there when the lens is unmounted, if not, it could also be a slight tight spot on the camera focus cam
  9. Had the pre FLE and loved it, moved away from Leica for many years and returned a year ago. First on my shopping list was a Summilux 35 and I opted for the FLE this time round. To be honest, I can't tell any real world difference in operation or results, I love the FLE as well. Yes if I nit pick I can name a few flaws in either lens, but there is really no purpose, either is a good choice. Best to choose FLE for modern sharp rendering and pre for a very slightly more subdued/softer rendering.
  10. You're fat out of luck in this regard ... Invest in a handheld meter with such functions is the only other electronic solution I know of. My own personal solution is to set the camera in manual with an exposure setting adequate to the environment/light I'm in, then I use my brain to calculate the difference in exposure required to capture the scene as I see fit. Mind you, in years past I used many fabulous inbuilt meters in cameras that did the thinking for me, but now in later life, I quite enjoy the need to think and experiment, get it wrong, just change the exposure and try agai
  11. I'm delighted for you, regardless of how difficult you may be to please, it's hard to fault the M10 compared to any of its digital M predecessors. I really hope you continue to enjoy as much as I've enjoyed mine. Good luck and good light!.
  12. Sorry, what do we not agree on?. The fact he threw a hissy fit or the fact he wants to be deleted from the forum.
  13. Members "list", he's thrown a hissy fit and wants to be deleted from the forum. I'd no idea Leica had stopped shipping user manuals with cameras and I've no idea what is currently actually suppled within the product packaging. I would have expected at least a "User Quick Guide", one of those accordion folded A4 sheets to explain the basics. There is some necessary User Manual reading required to understand menu items and their effectiveness dependent on configuration (spot metering effectiveness only when using EVF for example). I am genuinely surprised given the demographic the majo
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