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  1. Here's one also with Leica SL2-S, Sigma 65 f2 at f2:
  2. Leica SL2-S, Sigma 35f2. Testing this new Sigma lens across SL2-S and CL. Impressed so far. Larger than the Sigma 45mm but it seems worth the extra weight and sharp at f2 and has aperture ring and MF switches. Also testing the Sigma 65f2 as looking for a good small lens pairing with AF that I won't actually leave at home as they are too large.
  3. Leica CL + Sigma 35 f2. "Mischievous" as i asked her to take those gloves off.
  4. Leica SL2-S, Canon 24-70 II f2.8L via Sigma MC-21. ISO 2000, f4 , 1/60s. Slight crop. No other image adjustments. Headed back fully to Leica and picked up a SL2-S after selling a previous Q2 and SL some time ago (still have CL), I've trialled a few alternatives and higher megapixel cameras in between and this is the cleanest overall and my personal favourite on colours so far straight out of camera with no image adjustments other than a slight crop. Hopeful for some AF improvements on eye detection but it's the overall image quality that matters and I'm liking the first few shots. There wasn't that many portrait examples, so I'm posting a simple shot here of my daughter Sophie to hopefully help others. Glad to be back.
  5. Thanks @dancook for all the updates and photos. Appreciate it 😀 Regards, Craig
  6. Wex are a pretty good and they are offering a full 12 month warranty on used items here - someone will get a bargain!
  7. If anyone in the UK would like a bargain 55-135 for £899 right now with a 12 month warranty from Wex. Here you go https://www.wexphotovideo.com/leica-t-55-135mm-f3-5-5-6-asph-apo-vario-elmar-lens-used-1691598/ There is also a 18-56 for £774 https://www.wexphotovideo.com/leica-t-18-56mm-f3-5-5-6-asph-vario-elmar-lens-used-1691596/ Please tell us in this thread if you find these a good home as it stops me purchasing them. I had them both added to my cart but I like my 23mm for portability Good luck both are amazing lenses! Regards Craig
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