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  1. Just how many times do we actually need 1/1000th anyway ? It always feels more “vintage” to be using the slower speeds 1/20th 1/30th etc and a slow speed film with the screw cameras, especially the 1930’s ones. Just as it feels right to use FILCA cassettes instead of modern ones.
  2. I have two Canon 28mm lenses, the f3.5 and f2.8 but not the Nikon version. Neither of the Canons are A36. Details on the same Canon site as the Rokkor.
  3. Another nice non-Leitz lens I have is a Minolta Super Rokkor 45mm f2.8 Originally made for the Minolta 35, it is Leica screw, rangefinder coupled and takes regular A36 size filters/hoods. It is only a fraction larger than a 35mm f3.5 Summaron and seems just as good. Mine came from West Yorkshire Cameras. Info about them here https://www.canonrangefinder.org/Minolta_lenses.htm
  4. Leica CL (film) with 40mm Summicron. Scanned from darkroom prints. Preparing rope blocks for the new Wherry sailing season, see https://www.wherryalbion.com
  5. I had a 1940 Leica Standard serviced recently and my repair man had to replace one of the shutter blinds to be able to make a half-millimetre adjustment to get the 500th working correctly.
  6. I have 63758 converted from a 1 to 11. With the only flat top infinity catch Elmar I have.
  7. I have two with the faded green/sepia vulcanite, I quite like it.
  8. A Grubb lens for sale here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134025440629?hash=item1f3489ed75:g:z4oAAOSw44piC89x
  9. Red Dot Cameras have got one of those replicas for sale, which I might have bought, if someone had not stuck a picture on the back. I wonder how easy it would be to peel the picture off? https://www.reddotcameras.co.uk/screw-bodies/14577-leica-o-seriebarnack-replica-camera-boxed.html
  10. The Atlantic separates the 9th of November from the 11th of September.
  11. If only all the threads were as comforting as this one. Now you can start collecting all the varieties of cassettes and hunt for the elusive labyrinth one.
  12. That looks like a nice clean Nikon 35mm lens.
  13. Yes, I should have said f3.5 This is the one I have that brings up the 50mm frame. The distance engravings are at 90 degrees different to other models.
  14. The first 35mm f2.8 Summaron lenses were made before the M2 camera came out, so the 35mm frame had not been invented. They bring up the 50mm frame, though some might have been modified later.
  15. I have two of them, as well as other 28mm finders. It works fine though the glass looks a bit vulnerable when it’s folded. The brightline frame can fade or lose some of its silvering due to age. The two I have both operate ok and the clips work that keep it folded. Of the Leitz, Nikon, Zeiss and Canon 28mm finders I have I think the best is the Canon, but then they are all secondhand.
  16. It’s very easy to respond to a topic without noticing that the last post was some years ago.
  17. Known as the “Iron Curtain”. Put up in the winter to stop sand being blown over the promenade. Leica 1a, copies of darkroom prints.
  18. I put another film through my matt chrome 1a, FP4 again, but this time I increased the development a bit to increase the contrast for the uncoated lens and used an orange filter. All taken at f9 for either 100th or 200th sec. These are quick copies of this morning’s darkroom prints.
  19. Lots of people all around the world contribute to world pinhole day on the last Sunday in April each year. https://pinholeday.org
  20. I asked where you were so that someone can advise you of dealers near to you. I guess there aren’t many in Malta so someone can give advise on where to look for a reliable EU dealer.
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