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  1. I recently got another Mountain Elmar. This one is black and nickel and doesnot have an infrared “R”. The serial number is only 354 earlier than the chrome lens with the infrared focussing mark. Does that indicate where the changeover from nickel to chrome occurred and where the infrared Mark appeared?
  2. Try Ilford Perceptol powder 1+3 or Moersch Tanol concentrate 1+1+100.
  3. I bought a 150mm f5.5 in Leica screw, uncoupled. After that I found a 180mm and 250mm f5.5 in Exakta mount, which I can use with an Exakta to Leica screw adaptor I have.
  4. Probably not the right forum for this question. The Canon zoom finder I bought the other day has some confusing markings. Along side the white numbers for 35, 40, 45, and 50 it has in yellow 21, 25 and 28. The white numbers seem to match the view through a Tewe zoom finder. So what do the yellow numbers mean? Would they be for a half-frame/cine camera? The only picture of this style of finder on the Canon website shows one for longer focal length lenses.
  5. If the price is ok then get it and use it. You may find that the shutter is a bit sticky but that may be from lack of use. I inherited an M2 which had not been used for years. At first the slow speeds were sticky but after some exercising they are ok now. I don’t know what difference the climate in your country would have on a camera that has not been used for a long time, compared to European countries. ”if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
  6. This thread seems to have strayed way beyond the original question. I hope the original questioner skips over most of this “pixel/grain peeping” and just sticks to a well known brand of film with a developer recommended by the film manufacturer.
  7. This pair of 1959 and 1964 Summilux lenses arrived over Christmas. Exchanged 5 cameras and 22 lenses for them.
  8. Disagree, I have been doing this since 1972.
  9. I have used a Paterson 2 reel tank for decades and only occasionally with 2 reels in it. It needs 300 ml for a single reel and 600ml for 2 which fills it almost to the top. When I develop a 120 film I have to remember to use 500ml instead of 300ml. When developing a single reel just be sure to use the spring collar on the center column to stop the spiral sliding up the column when you invert the tank. If you don’t have the spring collar you could use a second, empty, spiral instead. I don’t see any reason to fill the tank up higher than needed for the number of reels inside, that would just be wasting chemicals. Maybe if you only have one reel in a 6 reel tank then inverting that might shake the liquid up too much but then just be gentle in the way you invert the tank. I had a six reel tank many years ago but only used it a couple of times. i have never used a stainless steel spiral/tank.
  10. Don’t worry about reticulation, I have only seen it once and that was decades ago home processing Farrania colour slide film. A few degrees difference between baths won’t cause it on modern films. i do use the Ilford time/temperature chart when the room and water temperature is higher than normal and it works ok.
  11. Just a novelty, how many times do you really need to rewind a film very fast, you are not a war photographer in the 1940/60’s.
  12. Just open the cassette with your thumb in the felt mouth, pull apart until you can pull one end off. Or better use Leica reloadable cassettes in your older cameras. Or reloadable plastic ones in more modern cameras.
  13. Perspective control has always been available, a spirit level to keep your camera straight. https://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/DOOLU
  14. You could always ask what records they have of camera 71200 ?
  15. Perhaps he was a Leica user, who thinks that only Leicas made while Barnack was still alive are proper cameras.
  16. This is the page Leitz sent me for my Leica 11, 89397, originally black but now chrome.
  17. Found it now. Picture looks pretty good considering the bright spotlights.
  18. Don’t understand the connection between my pictures and your link?
  19. As far as I am concerned the Leica CL ended production in 1976. why do Leitz reuse product names, can't they think up any new names?
  20. I always load 30 exposures per roll. Loosing the last two is just something you get used to. It is difficult to know exactly how many frames you will get, especially if you forget to reset the frame counter when you load the camera !
  21. Very interesting and certainly not a boring lens. Could be all sorts of stories around the chrome/black/nickel finish. The experts will hopefully have some answers. Good to know there are younger people out there interested in these things.
  22. Two pictures taken with a 35mm f3.5 screw Summaron, taken earlier this week testing a Leotax K body. Copies of darkroom prints.
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