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  1. I found if I wasn’t usung the 18-56 I wanted a faster lens. So the 35 was perfect for that. I now use the SL2 as for health reasons I need the image stabilization.
  2. For me the sensor size is a major factor. However I have had both and the interchangeable lens on the CL won the day. However if you need a fast lens the quality of the Q lens is so much better than the 23mm of the CL. The 18-56 on the CL was for a while my travel package with the 35mm when I needed a faster lens.
  3. I use the Harry Benz straps. They are custom made and fit really well.
  4. The auto ISO is also stuck at 100 with R lenses, leica adapter on the SL2 unless I’m missing something.
  5. To me the main difference between the SL2-S and the original SL is IBIS as I also have no interest in video
  6. Totally agree. I have the 50 1.4, the 24-90 and the 35 and 90 Summicrons. The 24-90 is on the body 80% or more of the time.
  7. So did I for my SL and now do for my SL2
  8. I was on the list with Leica Las Vegas. They called me yesterday to say they had one but I had already got one about 6 weeks ago so they may still have one available.
  9. A lot of the Hassy shots seem underexposed and some of the SL2 shots seem slightly overexposed. Any sense of why?
  10. But using MF and back button focusing with focus peaking on shows what is in focus
  11. Thank you. Has anyone found one that fits
  12. Does anyone know whether the Thumbs Up thumb grip for the SL works on the SL2. Also are there any suggestions as to a better thumb grip.
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