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  1. Ouroboros

    Camera bag lens and flash

    I find lens caps laborious, too. That's why I don't bother with them, front or rear. What could be easier than removing a lens from the camera, putting it in the bag (in my case, hood & filter attached and placed front end down) and attaching another lens? Please don't try to tell me I'm risking damaging the rear element by not using a lens cap. After 45+ years of working this way without a problem, that is not going to happen. You're at more risk of scratching your precious jewelry on the metal zips of those hideous Wotancraft bags.
  2. Ouroboros

    which film M for pro-use?

    I strongly suspect that Frogfish is playing to a different audience than prospective wedding clients with these images. I think Frogfish is a clever photographer. As much as I hate these three images, they did pull me in to look deeper at what he does and there are some really nice documentary images on his website that say more about him as a wedding photographer than these over-processed, badly contrived images do. Bravo, Frogfish. If you're ever in the UK, I'd like to meet you for a chat about something that might be of interest to you. Keep an eye on your message inbox
  3. Ouroboros

    "Photographic" Societies

    Great photographers are great photographers, regardless of their preferred medium. The internet and Social Media are responsible for generating skewed impressions where a minority who can shout (but not sing) would have you believe they have discovered something. Film never left the room.
  4. Ouroboros

    which film M for pro-use?

    Please upload some examples of your special vision.
  5. Ouroboros

    I like film...(open thread)

    By far your best with the SWC
  6. Ouroboros

    Traveling with a Leica

    Thanks, that's an interesting site.
  7. Ouroboros

    It's just not comfy

    With normally functioning hands, I would have thought holding a film or digital Leica M is intuitive, with or without an accessory grip. My Leica MP and Nikon FE are the only two of my cameras I use with straps, I carry them cross-body because I will not have a camera hanging on a neck strap. I hold one in a very similar way to the other when I using it: Elbows in. Right Thumb against the camera back with the op of my thumb braced against the wind- on lever in the stand-off position, index finger on the shutter release, fingers around the front of the camera. I steady the camera in my left palm and use my left thumb and index finger to adjust focus and aperture. I’ve never been aware of any uncomfortable pressure points when using my cameras like this.
  8. Ouroboros

    I like film...(open thread)

    That's really nice, Mike! With a little pp and localised work on the contrast it will be really, really nice!
  9. Ouroboros

    I like film...(open thread)

    The Langdale Pikes, Cumbia. Image made with my Fuji GX617 and the Fujinon T300 f8 EBC lens. This lens is a monster, a true telephoto in large format and the compression of perspective is dramatic on 6x17cm. I was at the far end of Blea Tarn when I took this and the distance from there to the foot of the Langdale Pikes is around 3km Fuji GX617 Fujinon T300 Fuji Provia 100
  10. Ouroboros

    Leica MP and battery issues

    If your battery is flat, it has discharged for some reason and that's more than likely down to you. Set the shutter speed dial to B/OFF before you put your camera away in your bag. If you don't do that, the meter is still switched on and will drain the battery if there is sufficient pressure on the release from something in your bag. If your battery is not flat there is a problem with your camera.
  11. Ouroboros

    Discussion: Essential M-Lenses?

    The ones perched on the bridge of my nose.
  12. Ouroboros

    I like film...(open thread)

    Sgurr Nan Gillean from Sligachan, Isle of Skye. Hasselbald 503CW Zeiss 50mm f4 distagon cfi Heliopan 22 Ilford Delta 100
  13. Ouroboros

    I like film...(open thread)

    Beautiful image, I love the calm simplicity of it.
  14. Ouroboros

    I like film...(open thread)

    Parcelforce arrived!