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  1. summicron 90 apo asph, tmax 400, scanned with nikon z6 and overexposing one step (histogram on the right)
  2. thanks for the advice, i have decided to use it and not sell it
  3. I am not a collector, I am a simple photographer, some people have told me that it is a valuable object, should I sell it and buy an m6 or an m4-p? what is its real value?
  4. don't worry about the curtain, I have the spare
  5. I just bought this m4, should I paint it or leave it like this? Thank you
  6. I sleep hugging my Leica and I shoot with the Zeiss
  7. moisture in the circuit, save the batteries for the future lithium can serve. to repair another
  8. one or two steps down f1.5 and the result improves considerably, m240
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