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  1. leonasj

    35-70 f2.8 R lens. Your opinion?

    wast money
  2. leonasj

    CL and Elpro 52

    nikon 3T ,4T better idea
  3. ,sold both my 18 and 23,bought 11-23,along with 35/1.4,Artisans35/2,60,55-135,apo m75/2asph and r apo280/4,+1.4x,2.0x
  4. im 55-135 user,but skip 90-280 and bought r apo280/4 plus apo1.4 and apo2.0---very happy
  5. leonasj

    CL reviews

    im keep max 1250ISO,,, too noisy from 1600, but colors at high iso good
  6. wast money,,,,nikon 3T 4T best
  7. no need old m240, buy new CL, im keep m9 only for ccd sensor,but now my main camera is CL, sold my m240,SL after bought CL
  8. leonasj

    Leica CL - the image thread

    11-23@23 f/4.5 , Venezia Italy
  9. leonasj

    R lens image thread.

    CL/Apo telyt-R 1:4/280
  10. leonasj

    Selling the 50 Apo to return to the 50 lux?

    sold my apo50 and never miss it, keeping summilux50asph for m9 and cl
  11. leonasj

    First 7Artisans 35mm f/2 Lens Review

    i dont see any softness on corners even wide open