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  1. Save the dates: October 12-15, 2022. More information to follow.
  2. I am delighted to announce that the 2022 Spring Shoot is SOLD OUT!
  3. Yes, we stock the standard length 100cm strap. We just added this information to our store page. If you need a longer one, please order directly from the Rock-n-Roll website: www.rocknrollstraps.com. Thank you for supporting the International Leica Society! Brad Husick President
  4. I am sure Oberwerth will fix that for you under warranty. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hello and welcome!
  6. Please contact Richard at info@lhsa.org. I am not sure what "defective" means, but describe it to Richard.
  7. Thank you. We try to provide value for our members and we're open to suggestions!
  8. Most 4K video work will do great on the M1 Pro or Max. If you're planning on lots of 8K work then the M1 Ultra might make sense.
  9. None of these tools will stress the M1 Max (or really the M1 Pro). The configuration you ordered is ideal for photo work.
  10. You do NOT have to be a member to enter. Good luck!
  11. I hope you don't mind, but I grabbed one of your photos and did a quick edit in Lightroom. Here are the before and after... Let me know if this is the type of correction you are looking for. I did this with a small bump in exposure, increasing White levels, decreasing Black, decreasing Highlights, and adding Clarity. Brad
  12. Advice from a former Apple employee and fan-boy. Unless you're doing intensive video editing, go for the M1 Pro or M1 Max. Ultra is overkill. Also, 32GB RAM is more than enough for photo editing. Take that extra dough and buy more fast SSD storage. Have fun.
  13. Thank you. We have been doing sweepstakes for many years and have many lucky winners. We adhere to all applicable regulations and try to be as transparent as possible. Laws in this field are complex and vary from state to state (in the US) and across the world. We use a third-party provider for the logistics and we must register in several states to make this possible. All of the proceeds go toward supporting our members and photo grant winners, since we are a non-profit. On balance I think we are providing a positive service to the Leica community.
  14. You may also enter for free by mail. I encourage everyone to read the complete set of rules.
  15. Sean Reid did a nice analysis of this on his pay site www.reidreviews.com Brad
  16. https://www.lhsa.org/blog/lhsa-2022-spring-shoot-program
  17. I have now read Sean Reid's review and the results from lower level raw modes on the M11 are not encouraging to me from the standpoint of image resolution and clarity, nor dynamic range. It appears they are simply available to save storage space at the cost of IQ.
  18. I reached out to Don and we had a good interaction.
  19. I guess I meant 18 megapixels.
  20. Don, I forgot to answer your question. YES! The new place for members to ask questions is: https://www.lhsa.org/ask-the-expert
  21. Don, I had a lot to do with the new website, so I am particularly interested in your feedback. We added a contact email at the bottom of the homepage today. If you develop some specific website ideas, please share them directly with me. The classified section on the old site had so little traffic that I am surprised anyone ever sold anything, regardless of rarity or price. Some of the listings were up for years, and the total number of listings was most often less than 20. Since that time there have been many websites that are excellent ways to buy and sell Leica gear other than "the bay" including right here on L-Forum. We're featuring more member content than ever before, and our social media channels are growing very rapidly. Perhaps you can check out @leicasociety and #leicasociety on Instagram and Facebook, where member interaction is more real-time. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas, and thanks for being a long-time member. Brad Husick, President.
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