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  1. I have an M9 that has bubbled paint on the top and bottom plates.
  2. It's recessed so I guess brass. 👍
  3. Thanks I hadn't thought of that. I just weighed them both (bottom plates) and they weigh the same so I guess it is brass. Makes me wonder if the top plate is also brass since I only see where the black is rubbed off around the strap lugs and a bit on the top edges. 🤔
  4. Ok not steel I just tested it with a magnet.
  5. Maybe not zinc but certainly not brass the edges of the black are rubbed off and it is definitely steel coloured not brass like on my MP and M9s. Maybe the bottom plate is pressed steel?
  6. Mine has zinc top and bottom, ser no 155****
  7. Have you seen the price of a new Sekonic L858/758?
  8. Good decision. 👍
  9. Like @pgk for the last 5 years I've been using 3 M9s one is always with me as an EDC with 35mm Summicron. I paid a lot of money for them and I don't want them to sit idle, all have certified 2nd Gen replacement sensors. I love the poutput form them and the ease of processing.
  10. Cameraworks.co.uk in Bury UK did my M2 excellent service but wasn't qiuck. I spoke to them and they were up front about the waiting time (3 months +) but their work was beyond reproach, full daignostic report and a properly working camera when I got it back.
  11. When I was looking into getting my M9 everything I read that mentioned SD cards recommended 16gb at 45mb/s so that's what I got and have never had an issue. I get 341 shots shooting DNG & JPG Fine, I've enver come even close to filling a card but always carry a spare and spare battery (only once needed that).
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum. When I got my M2 it was the same story (slightly different issue I had inconsistend exposures) it hadn't been used for a long time. I sent it off for a CLA and that sorted the problem. It appears that if they are not used the lubrication dries up/cingeals and affects the free running of the shutter curtains. Hope you get it sorted.
  13. More from Devizes M9 35mm Summicron.
  14. More form Devizes, M9 35mm Summicron.
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