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  1. No amount of high ISO would have made that shot better, tripods are for just these circuumstances. 👍
  2. I find I need very little PP with my M9 DNGs it's one of the strengths of the camera for me.
  3. Back in the days of film only I preferred Ilford FP4 but for 400 or pushing HP5 or Tri-X. These days I choose my film to suit what I am shooting if specifically B&W it will be gritty/grainy shots so Tri-X will normally be my choice but TBH if I am just shooting generally I will load Portra 160 or 400 and convert later in Lightroom any that I think are B&W worthy. I did an exercise a couple of years ago with Tri-X vs Portra shot at the same time with 35mm lenses on my M2 and MP, I liked the scanned files from the Portra better for general shots but the Tri-X would be better for certain
  4. I'm with Adam on this given that M9s (with good sensors) are becoming hard to get and even harder to repair it does make me feel a bit edgy but at the end of the day I got mine to use and if the worst happens I'll cross that bridge if (when) I get to it until then I'll continue to use them. I got 3 to try to get some future proofing so I'm hoping that at least one of them will outlive me (hopefully all of them), otherwise it's M10s I suppose. In case this post is unclear my vote is to take them and use them.
  5. One from today's walk, M9 21mm Elmarit M
  6. I've got 6 Leicas, 4 are digital 2 are film and I use them all although not all at once. I'm not hoarding them I like the flexibility I get from multiple bodies simple as that.
  7. I shoot both, I use digital for everyday stuff and recce shoots and use film for specific shoots. I think there's room for both in my life and FWIW I bought a big load of Portra 120 and 35mm a couple or 3 of years ago and have frozen it for future use. I am currently doing a Landscape Book project which I will eventually shoot the final images on that film but as I said all my recces are digital for the convenience, immediacy and cost. My answer to the question is absolutely yes but not in the volumes you are shooting.
  8. Yep, 100%. Not something I would do, the Thumbs up is great on my M9s but can't see any benefit on my MP.
  9. I was reading an old Macfilos thread and saw a picture of an MP with a thumbs up from an M9 fitted, looks wierd. https://www.macfilos.com/2013/06/04/2013-6-4-leica-mp-new-baby-joins-camera-family/
  10. Just read the article, very good, thanks for linking it. FWIW mine does activate the 35mm frame lines on both my M2 and MP, I have the screw mount with Leica OEM adapter.
  11. I'm with Al on this, the Fuji is great for quickfire shooting, evenings lower light etc and the Leicas are great for the general and special stuff. Plus you have redundancy built in just in case. When I wnet to China a couple of years ago I took my M9s and an X-T2 with 16-55 for that very reason and surprisingly used the X-T2 most but got some really nice shots with the M9s.
  12. I have an M2 from 1962 and an MP fro 2003 if anything the MP is smoother but the M2 had not been used for many years before I bought it and it needed a good service which might be significant. I suspect my MP has had more film thorugh it than my M2.
  13. I don't think they even make one for film Ms.
  14. Serial number comes up as an M2 from 1966. It looks in very nice condition.
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