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  1. I believe it is, there is a group of houses where the station used to be with addresses like "Platform 11" the main station building has been refurbed as a house as well. It's now a cycle/foot path.
  2. M9 35mm Summicron. I had envisioned a square for this subject.
  3. All 3 of my M9s (purchased second hand) had the plastic still on the baseplates, I removed them all.
  4. I used him for my M2 and it was about 4 months but he did warn me up front that it would be that long. Great work though very thorough and he gave me a detailed report wiit the returned camera.
  5. I don't know, I think it would be out of the way rather than the usual style where you have to either run it between your first and second finger or have it in the palm of your hand against the body.
  6. Our first Bluebells in the garden this year, M9, 35mm Summicron.
  7. Thanks. Yes, saw that, it's up above Burrator Reservoir quite a big Tor that is prominent from most directions. I'll not be bidding.
  8. I just tried my 28mm Summarit on my M2 and the 90mm lines showed. I shouldn't have been surprised really since the 90 is paired with the 28 on my MP.
  9. From a walk on Dartmoor yesterday, M9 35mm Summicron.
  10. I'm the same 2 of my M9s are pretty beat up worse now than when I bought them my third was pristine but a really good price so I bought it and use it and as a result it is starting to get some paint chips and rubs but I don't care. I also have a 2003 MP which I bought for a good price because it wasn't "pretty" but had recent CLA/service documented so I was again happy to buy and use. It also looks worse now. I have found that once the paint starts to come off it just seems to wear increasingly quickly??
  11. I've got 3 M9s and use them for most of my general photography. I chose M9 because I prefer the look of the illumination window over the newer models without it. I live with and work with the limitations of the older tech and am fully aware of the eventual demise of the cameras (they all have second gen replaced sensors) and will cross that bridge when I get to it. I agree with others though M9s aren't for everyone especially if you are used to the newer models and their layout M240 seems to be the best "affordable" option for digital Leica but they will soon be the "old" model likely to die a
  12. I'm still using Lightroom 6 with the last update long gone, I don't find it lacking at all in fact I hardly need to do any PP with my M9 files a couple of clicks after applying Thorsten Overgaard's preset for M9s.mThe good thing is DNG files from even the most recent cameras can be read by LR6 unlike the RAW files from other manufacturers which need new plug ins that aren't available for LR6 or earlier.
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