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  1. the old licence class 4 allowed to drive bikes and car up to 250ccm, therefore Goggo, etc. even many Fiat 500 or 126 and Honda 600 reduced to 250ccm were driven by elder people
  2. when we are telling stories about this car- here is mine, told from a student friend from university. In Saar area, he was living in an appartment house. One of his neigbors, an old man, had such a Kabinenroller. Those bad guys waited sometimes for him, when he came home from shopping and had parked the car. Before he could open the cabin, they pushed the car below a balcony of the house. Thus he could not get off the car as he could not drive backwards. His wife in short learnt it and always looked out of the window when he was missing too long. In those cases, she went down, pushed the car
  3. sorry for the mislead, I was so fascinated by the geometry of my detail picture, that I didn´t think about false information 🙂
  4. now the new challenge, I stay with blue cars, this time not from Italy
  5. ok - its my turn again - first I want to show the engine of the last car - am a Citroen fan, but would not really like to work on this engine
  6. I did not say that - wanted only build a way to find it
  7. a town, a wheel brand, a former car brand
  8. hm...that was then too easy - you´re right
  9. the country is famous for food that is shaped similiar to break or clutch cables 😀
  10. no idea? the manufacturer had a unique facility on the roof of the factory
  11. I don´t mind if someone was faster than me, but I try "to fulfill the rules", means here is my picture
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