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  1. Ronald said it already in his last post: Riley is correct
  2. wow - you know this car? Riley is correct, date as far as I know as well. But I am not sure if it is a nine derivate or not and I am not sure if it is this MPH or one of the TT types
  3. British is right, your guessed brands are not
  4. I know the brand and a circa date of built, but I need our classic racing car group to define the type. Made the pictures some years ago at a car meeting in Bad König (Germany)
  5. the locked tank door and the antennna showed Japanese design - the Datsun/Nissan series 240-280 series was wonderful I have to look what I can find in my area
  6. looks quite much as a Datsun Sunny 120 I guess
  7. basis is the Opel Vetra station car, yes you are near, but the car has a dfferent back and a different name. It was planned to keep former Omega customers with the brand, so they made a lot of "luxury" and practical things happen inside. The front view is Vectra.
  8. ha ha, you are not so far away. Opel went known with bicyles and one famous production line in the 40-50es was the Opel Frigidare, a quite famous refrigerator. Collector prices today are extremly high.
  9. it is no actual car - think of times before Insignia
  10. sorry, no. I do not remember Astra with V6 engines, diesel and fuel
  11. ...and remember, the platform was from a lower class car than this car was supposed to be in.
  12. they were using the same V6 diesel engine, I had in my Saab 9.5 estate.... typical GM Lego of those times
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