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  1. Jevidon (and the forum) I have just received my Novaflex and have attempted to put both a Nikkor AF-S 18-200 and a Tokina 100mm Macro (Nikon mount) on and it doesn't appear to register that there is a lens. The viewfinder stays on settings as if the lens cap is on. Is this something anyone else has run into and is it a simple setting that I am not doing?
  2. Finally worked out what is wrong! As said previously by: Daedalus2000 Steps: I start the Wifi on the camera. I click on WLAN ON and then use Direct then press OK Then I choose APP Connection and press OK Now the camera has started a WIFi network I go to iPhone, Settings and choose the Leica network. When it connects it tells me to start the Leica TL app NOW, I start the APP, it finds the camera and asks me to tap to connect, I do that and then the camera asks me to accept the connection which I do and then all is working well Of course if this is the first time
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