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    28 mm lens suggestions

    I've got a Voigtlander 25mm f4, and a Leica 28mm f2. Both are great, for the longest while I preferred the Voigtlander, but now on to the Leica as the fave. Both were purchased new about 7-10 years or so ago. The Voigtlander I coded myself, as per the "coding chart". I don't usually shoot at F2, but it's nice to have that option. Both have IR cut filters, and lens hoods. For the price, the Voigtlander is hard to beat... I think that it is discontinued, though?
  2. JohnAS

    Android app for M10

    I've developed apps for both IOS and Android (and Linux, Windows, MacOS...) and, Android is not really an issue - it's a lot better than it was, anyway. Depends if Leica uses any proprietary code for communication. (i.e. are the docs available). What I don't have is an M10 - my wonderful M8 is no use here!
  3. Starting a new post, in another, jaapv wrote: "If anything, we have seen more shutter defects of the slower shutter than of the faster ones on this forum. Come to think of it, I have not seen any "broken shutter" post for the last few years." This past winter, I sent my M8 over to Solms from Canada, as the shutter had "stuck". It happened just before going on vacation, so I took the bottom off, and "moved" it by hand, and it sounded ok, but laboured. Worked fine until the last day or two of the vacation; a couple of sticks, but by bumping it when turning on, got the shutter to cock. Anyway, sent over; they repaired it, cleaned it, part of the repair was a new internal shutter frame. It is built like a tank, but tanks need maintenance once in a while. Cost was something like $1,500 CAD for shipping, repair, and return and customs and taxes on receipt. Maybe more, maybe less; I just closed my eyes and paid, thinking all the time that that was a good down payment on a new Leica CL... :-| Still, though, I really like this camera, because I can use it without needing to find and put on my glasses just to take a picture. That's the second time it was sent away over the last 10 (approx?) years - first time was to Leica NJ, as the shutter would not cock, but continue trying to until either the battery drained or the camera was turned off. That was about 7-8 years ago, IIRC. John.
  4. JohnAS

    LEICA M8 Replacement battery type 14464

    Brian; A number of years ago now I purchased 2 off-brand M8 batteries. They had to be fully discharged before charging. A while ago now, I purchased a "Nitecore" M8/M9 charger, and it had difficulty with these off-brand batteries, they would never reach full charge. So, I went and purchased 2 new batteries from a Leica distributor. Best decision I ever made. Close your eyes when paying, and enjoy hassle-free shooting ever after. Just my opinion - having gone down that path, John.
  5. JohnAS

    Anyone think of buying M8 again?

    Not buying, but repairing. My M8 is in to Leica for it's second shutter repair - I decided it was worth it, as I really like the camera, despite its' odd issues. The repair estimate would have been a good down payment on a new Leica CL, but... I do like the M8. BTW - the first repair 7.5 years ago was for the shutter issue, where it would not cock properly, and would continue "looping" until the battery died or was removed. Hopefully it will come back better than new, from what I read about Leica repair. So, if you can call a repair a purchase, then yes, I would purchase an M8 again.
  6. Well, news, maybe not good news. Was on a trip, new batteries, charged. Shutter jammed one afternoon. Managed to unjam it, by "palming" it when turning it on, and it cleared. However, it did jam again, on our last day, and could not get it unjammed. It's boxed, ready to go back for servicing. I actually really like the M8, and not really interested in upgrading, although a corrosion-free M9 might be a possibility - we'll see what Leica says about my beloved M8. John.
  7. JohnAS

    nitecore charger

    Yesterday I received my "Nitecore" charger for the M8/M9 batteries. Others in other "M System" forums here have commented on this charger (it's available for most Leica battery types, except the M10 currently) and it is small, light, and about 10% the cost of the Leica equivalent. I'll be heading off on a vacation in a while, and taking the original M8 charger is always an issue when trying to travel light. The Nitecore must be about 1/8 the volume of the original. (but, read below...) The Nitecore uses USB to charge; the wall adapter for my phone works with this battery charger too, so while I can't charge both phone and Leica batteries at the same time, that's not really much of a problem. Mine was ordered directly from the company website, and came from Texas; I live in Canada, and it came across the border (US Postal Service to Canada Post) without issue, and arrived quickly. Anyway, FYI.
  8. ellegant - please tell us how it goes with your M8 & Leica. John.
  9. Hi Ko.Fe. - Mark's thread is available on this site. Yes, a picture would be worth a thousand words, and fortunately, the picture is provided by Mark himself: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/21079-anatomy-of-the-leica-m8/page-4?do=findComment&comment=224409 That is the under-side view, with the camera resting on the lens mounting flange. You can see the red arrow, push the round bit at the base of the red arrow to the right. In Mark's picture, the shutter is cocked; when I took mine apart, the cam (seen behind the arm-to-be-pushed) was ALMOST finished pushing the arm to the right, but had stalled. The "round bit" in mine was approximately where the arrow head is in Mark's image. A short, firm push caused the shutter to cock (easily heard. - smile -). The first try with a battery gave me a warning message, (likely because the arm was not where it was expected to be) but the camera figured it out, and it's been fine since. Hope you never have to perform this operation, but if you do - at least you'll have a bit more guidance to help. Certainly saves a trip to Leica NJ for a 2 minute operation, and the money saved would pay for a few batteries. (mine are being shipped and should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed) John.
  10. Woops - fixed the "Horton" to "Norton" - thank you for pointing out my (careless) mistake. An M10 - hmmm - have to purchase one first, unless someone wants to loan one?
  11. Pulled my M8 out of its' box after being in there for a long while. Charged up my two old batteries. One afternoon, one of the batteries, that was showing "2 bars" on the battery charge level, died mid-wind. No battery display. Turning the camera off and on gave a little peep, with no display. Putting in the other battery gave me the dreaded "drive blocked" message. What to do? Visual inspection of the shutter showed that it looked ok, but was not fully cocked. Send it to Leica? Bang it and see if it'll continue cocking with the good battery? The "banging" it a bit with the palm of my hand did nothing, despite what others suggested on this forum on posted-long-ago messages. Mark Norton's "Anatomy of an M8" was incredibly helpful; (it is on this site) as it showed what the insides of the camera was like. So, armed with one of my (expensive) screwdrivers, I removed the 5 screws holding the plastic plate on the bottom of the camera (take the bottom cover off). The cocking lever was shown to be ALMOST fully cocked, and the cocking cam was at it's highest (thus, least torque) position. A little push with a flat bladed screwdriver on the bearing shaft that rides on the cam enabled the shutter to finish the cocking procedure. Screws put back in place, and the camera is functioning very well. Two new batteries ordered, and the "dud" marked so it is not used in the camera. Now, I do some delicate metalworking for another hobby of mine, so have good tools, and know how to use them, but I think anyone who has some top-quality (German, in my case) screwdrivers and a clean environment should be ok - just think before you poke. Camera now seems fine, and it's a pleasure to use again. Why did I leave it in its' box for so long???
  12. I'm bringing my M8 out of retirement - wondering about batteries again. I see lots of batteries in two price ranges, about $20.00 and about $120.00. Comments? I also see "M8" battery chargers for just a few $$ - comments? My M8 charger is one of the original ones, and still works, but is large for travel... Background: Years ago I purchased two "non-leica" M8 batteries that needed to be discharged (totally) before they'd charge and give the proper indication in the little LCD window; not worth the hassle in hindsight. Thanks!