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  1. Very good points here. For me it ended up being a matter of photographic value and potential. And I think you are right... the CV 50 1.2 maybe what I’m after. I am most impressed with Voigtlander lately! As a side note, the funds allocated for the Leica 50 1.2 went towards an Xpan II. Thanks for your opinion.
  2. My copy is to arrive tomorrow at the Leica store. I turned it down. Just want to thank everyone here for helping me make that decision.
  3. Ha ha. Wait till I find my image of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump making out!
  4. In camera meter is nice, especially with chromes. You gotta be really drunk to miss a C41 or black and white negative exposure. The M7 meter operation in actual use was pretty seamless. Too bad they didn’t evolve the product more. The M7 was my absolute work horse in Iraq.
  5. I’m glad you read them carefully, no one wants a reckless reader. a.noctilux beat me to it but I find the throwback to the M4 nice... very fitting for the Frankenstein-ish M-A. Too bad they nixed the a la carte program; I’d order mine in Beryllium Copper alloy.
  6. These are awesome! Looks like a sandstorm in these images.
  7. I will not be fooled! Ha ha. As much as I think the black chrome M-A is a beautiful camera, I will not be fooled!
  8. They should have. I agree 100%. Go all out and make an “in-house built” meter-less beast that’ll outlast WWIII.
  9. Oh my... incomplete framelines!!!! How would you ever figure out how to make an image? I literally just threw my 75mm lenses on the front lawn because of the framelines.
  10. Used M6 prices are insanely high now, but a lot less than a new MP. I have an M6 that has been there, done everything on the planet. Ask for an M6 that’s been blown up 26 times and and I’ll show you one. I wish I could give you silver bullet advice but there just isn’t a clear path. Do you require a meter? It’ll give you more options. I dunno, after all these years, I take the same exposed images whether with or without a meter. Can’t go wrong with an M3/2/4 paired with a good technician.
  11. Sorry? Uneducated? What you speak of, bits and pieces, are evolving... some stay, some advance. Huge news flash there! You need to forward your degree program path to me as soon as possible. Anyways, either they do so because they add ease of use, e.g. modern rewind of M4/6/7 over the dinosaur M3/2/P/-A. And your argument about the M4-P vs M6 is, let’s say, untalented. I’m going to start calling you untalented. Sorry, just following your educated rationale. Feel free to offer art or images to counter. I don’t care how much both cameras share the same parts, one ad
  12. Hijack what? It’s all related, just as you are on your third and I stopped on my fifth. After all... it’s all the same junk. You and I and everyone else are only trying to fool ourselves.
  13. And you’re about to buy an M-A? Don’t you realize those are recycled bits of the MP? I’ve seen other posts which someone stripped the covering off and there indeed was a metal cap where the battery was (can’t seem to find it right now). M-A is nothing more than a scrapped MP.
  14. Forums reside on the lower side of the communication spectrum, however it should be noted to never bring feelings along to one. Things get wrapped around the axle, we talk in circles, and repeat the same dumb entrenched opinions like we were fighting for a silly 75 yards in WWI. But we all are drawn here for some reason, and it’s usually a good reason; to learn about these little magic boxes that make pictures, and in doing so we one day will make a few good images ourselves. You shouldn’t leave. Besides, who is going to argue with me about the Noctilux 1.2 being in focus o
  15. Wholeheartedly agree. I know many users who love and use the camera. I do not discredit any of them by any means. I’m just 0 for 5 with MP’s
  16. First talk to your dealer. I feel they do better than talking to Leica repair center directly. Leica NJ will tell you it needs to be sent in... which it’ll fall into a black hole. Who knows when you’ll get it back. With COVID rearing its head again in Germany, things will get even slower. I have a 50 APO in Germany... it’s good as gone now. Ha ha. Either way, you want the shortest route back to you shooting.
  17. Ha ha. Not as crazy as the side story to go with it. 😉
  18. Good luck making the MP great anytime. You'd have better luck with Trump.
  19. Ask for a replacement. This is unacceptable. After owning FIVE, yes five MP's, including two A la carte versions... I gave up after all of them had various issues, ranging from meter, battery, scratches on film, frame line, film advance, etc. You'd think I would have given up after a third time! Tried to love the camera but quite frankly doesn't live up to NOTHING in my experience.
  20. Leica M6 w/50mm Summicron Version 5. Kodachrome 64. Iraq 2005.
  21. You’d be foolish to not question a lens quality at $7700. Show me an off center image that exhibits SOMETHING in focus at 1.2 and I’ll shut my trap. I only shoot film, crappy film at that, so I have really low expectations. Someone humor me. Till then... I’m not seeing it. If this is what the original version was and is to be in the new release, the lens is obviously not for me. No hurt feelings here. For a lens to have something remotely in focus only dead center... it’s called a one trick pony. Sorry, rendering will only get you so far.
  22. What’s in focus here with the 1.2? I see NOTHING. This is disheartening.
  23. No kidding! The 1.2 looks like someone put their greasy fingers all over the rear element. I might be returning to the f1.
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