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  1. Even with these low rez images I can tell these are considerably off. The OVF is front focusing quite a bit. What's funny is that 99% of users would never know that it existed because in real life external factors (e.g. subject movement) impact focus more. If you look for problems, guess what... you'll find them.
  2. Yes, just mix the two. For example, if I’m developing two rolls in a stainless steel tank, I’ll need 500 ml total to cover the film. Which in that case would require 500 ml stock XTOL (no dilution) and then add 5 ml of Rodinal straight out of the bottle. For every 100 ml XTOL I use, I add 1 ml. Think of XTOL being your “water.” XTOL stock has a nice smoothness to it and by adding a shot of Rodinal it gives the image a little bite. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks! Creating the family was the hard part. Ha ha.
  4. Leica M6. Leica 50mm f1.2 Noctilux lens. Tri-X rated at 800, developed 7:45 in XTOL stock with added Rodinal 1:100. 20 degrees Celsius.
  5. Very good points here. For me it ended up being a matter of photographic value and potential. And I think you are right... the CV 50 1.2 maybe what I’m after. I am most impressed with Voigtlander lately! As a side note, the funds allocated for the Leica 50 1.2 went towards an Xpan II. Thanks for your opinion.
  6. My copy is to arrive tomorrow at the Leica store. I turned it down. Just want to thank everyone here for helping me make that decision.
  7. Ha ha. Wait till I find my image of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump making out!
  8. In camera meter is nice, especially with chromes. You gotta be really drunk to miss a C41 or black and white negative exposure. The M7 meter operation in actual use was pretty seamless. Too bad they didn’t evolve the product more. The M7 was my absolute work horse in Iraq.
  9. I’m glad you read them carefully, no one wants a reckless reader. a.noctilux beat me to it but I find the throwback to the M4 nice... very fitting for the Frankenstein-ish M-A. Too bad they nixed the a la carte program; I’d order mine in Beryllium Copper alloy.
  10. These are awesome! Looks like a sandstorm in these images.
  11. I will not be fooled! Ha ha. As much as I think the black chrome M-A is a beautiful camera, I will not be fooled!
  12. They should have. I agree 100%. Go all out and make an “in-house built” meter-less beast that’ll outlast WWIII.
  13. Oh my... incomplete framelines!!!! How would you ever figure out how to make an image? I literally just threw my 75mm lenses on the front lawn because of the framelines.
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