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  1. Hello, I acquired the whole set together with a bunch of other stuff, which belonged to my grandfather. Unfortunately he passed away a long time ago and I dont know much about it. What I know is that he either started collecting the set before his wedding (1940) and continued in the next couple of years or acquired it during his honeymoon around Europe. He used to travel to Germany quite often because of his job so it must have been easy for him to pick the items at the time. I am really happy to be able to find out more about this set, it brings a lot of beautiful memories about my grandpa. If you're interested I can show you pictures he captured with the camera and all the items The only additional writing i could find anywhere on the set is on the bottom of the big box, this is the picture: the K.Nr says: 374588 the other side says: Modell IIIc LOOQA
  2. Hello guys! Thank you for your fast replies. As requested i am attaching more pictures of the stuff Alan asked about! Here they are: This is getting more and more exciting! Honestly I did not think there items are that special. Again, thank you for your replies, if you want me to take more pictures just let me know
  3. Hello everyone! Just recently I came upon a wonderful set of the Leica IIIC together with 3 (seemingly in mint condition) lenses. The SN of the camera itself is 374588 and the only information I could gather is that it was manufactured in 1940. More about the lenses - elmar 3,5 cm, summitar 5cm, SN 559993, thambar 9cm SN 540124. There are some more additional bits and bops in the set. I tried to make my own research but couldn't find much on the internet. Can any of you, professional Leica users/keen fans let me know more about the history of these items? I am more curious other than anything.
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