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  1. My last acquisition two months ago was a sharkskin IIIC in very good condition and very good price. The camera have a flash sync socket in the same location as the one shown above. In close inspection it looks very profesionally done, and even if I don’t like very much this kind of additions, I love this one.
  2. There is an American writer (she lives in Albuquerque) called Zita Steele, who has written a series of books about Rommel as photographer. The title of the serie is more than obvious: “Erwin Rommel: Photographer”, vol 1 to 4. At the begining of vol 1 she states that (and I quote ) “…Rommel’s camera and accesories were stolen after his death from his home in Germany by American soldiers…” And the camera disapeared from public eyes for good. The series shows Rommel’s war and peace times photos and look more than interesting for those of you that can buy trough Amazon.
  3. Bad news , then. The price here in Argentina for the ring is some USD 50 compared to USD 210 on Ebay. Thanks God, this Forum exists and knowledge can be shared among fellow members. Cheers.
  4. Hi all, Today I have found in the local bidding platform this item, referred to as "Leica M to LTM adapter". I had no idea about its existence, but it was a long desired objet for me. Being engraved "Ernst Leitz - Wetzlar - Germany", I have no doubts about its origin. Can someone enlighten me a bit, please? Many thanks, Alejandro.
  5. This is what I have done with two ever ready cases. It is a completely affordable task.
  6. Dear Connie7, William Fagan would illustrate you better than me concerning engraved Leicas, especially talking about British dealers. It’s a matter of time, I am sure he will vistit this topic. I possess also a Leica IIIA, but engraved for (not ”by”) the Argentinian seller, Lutz Ferrando.
  7. Hi Luigi. There are no writings and the material seems to be chromed brass. If you see the closest photo you may notice its golden frontal edge. Its interior is black painted. The Elmar's diaphragm lever is fully operable with the filter in place, but almost inoperable if by any chance you also use a Fikus (well, I can with my little finger, but not comfortably). Anyway, this last one is not a combination I am thinking of. Cheers.
  8. No Brian. It doesn’t separate. It is just one piece. The filter fits perfectly on the lens, as if it was designed for that purpose, which is the case, I think.
  9. I forgot to mention that for US $ 170 for the two cameras, just the Elmar (optically a very clean and coated example) and the brochures made me more than happy.
  10. I have recently received a pair of Leicas LTM, a IIC and a IIIC. They both deserve a profound CLA. A few things called my atention about the IIIC. It came with a complete set of Leica II-IIIA instructions + a brochure about the system (everything in Spanish, which is most rare) and, also curious, an UV filter that seems a third party one that screws on the Elmar 3,5 cm and aparently acts as a sun shade. Do anyone have any clue about the filter.
  11. It is a pity that Simon’s Camera in the Vieux Montréal has disapeared years ago, don’t you think? I remember I have bought my Elmar 13,5 cm to them. And I also remember they had an other 13,5 and a 9 cm in their respective clear keepers that were brand new, they never left the shop. Ahh, the ninetyes!
  12. The cases are pre M3, but not IIIG, which is post M3. 1954 saw the first M3s and IIIGs appeared in 1957. The above picture show us how IIIFs are being packaged. Look at the pile of brochures/Anleitung in front of the employee: typical IIIF.
  13. Nobysparrow also sells a variety of screws. You should check his “other ítems” at Ebay.
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